Our mission is to transform and elevate customer support.

As consumers, we all have our own version of that one call to customer support. On the other end of the line are well-meaning, talented people doing their best with what they have: a tangled web of tribal knowledge, spreadsheets, and outdated systems. Our technology provides teams a way to balance efficiency and performance with a caring and empowering environment. If this resonates, join us and help make this happen.

Brian Sze

Brian led the growth team at Stripe as the company scaled from 30 to over 500 employees. Before Stripe, he helped build the Analytics team for Obama for America. He loves all things music, travel and Warriors (pre-bandwagon).


EB enjoys sketching, hacking on side projects, and hiking. He was previously a front-end engineer with a YC start-up Semantics3, and a UX Designer at Autodesk.

Jacob Borr

Prior to Assembled, Jacob worked with Helpdesk software. He loves playing guitar, running, and David Fincher films.


Jasper is Assembled’s Chief Cuddle Officer. He loves joining his mom on sales demos and customer meetings to help break the ice. When he’s not charming customers, he enjoys sprinting and scavenging for sticks.

Jen Ong

Jen led the Support Operations Platform team at Stripe, which built the infrastructure needed to scale support. Before Stripe, she was a consultant at Bain & Company. She loves trail running, hiking and cuddling with her dog.

Jessica Bolber

Jessica has a passion for helping customers and improving business processes. When Jessica isn't working she loves to travel, cook, listen to music and recently picked up roller skating.

John Wang

John loves golf, fitness and his dog, Taro. He was most recently the Chief Engineer and Co-Founder at Zinc.io (YC W14). Prior to Zinc, John worked at Stripe, 37Signals, and Palantir. He studied computer science at MIT.

Kaytlin Louton

Prior to Assembled, Kaytlin led a support and operations team at a startup. On weekends she can be found exploring Marin on her bike or searching for the best place in San Francisco to eat pizza and dance simultaneously.

Lynn Cuthriell

Lynn likes playing pool, making art, and reading. Previously, Lynn led a variety of engineering teams at Palantir.

Megha Narayan

Megha loves dogs, terrible tv, and design-y stuff equally. Previously, she worked on all things brand at Atlassian.

Michael Zeng

Michael enjoys climbing, making music, and doing crosswords. He previously was an engineer on Google’s Trips Parsing team making sure that people don’t miss their flights.

Neel Kapse

Prior to Assembled, Neel worked on a data labeling platform and built a distributed system for processing API requests at Hive. He likes bouldering, strategy games (chess, Slay the Spire), and singing along to Disney music.

Ryan Wang

Ryan was most recently a Software Engineer on Stripe's User Operations team. He studied economics and statistics at UChicago and loves a good book.


Taro serves as Assembled's Chief Pigeon Security Officer and helps keep pigeons off of San Francisco sidewalks. Taro loves to fetch balls at the dog park, play tug of war, and chase pigeons. She's a proud mother of at least 4 puppies.

Talal Naboulsi

Most recently, Talal led support teams at Looker and Google. Before that, he designed mechanical systems, worked at Audi, and taught Arabic. He loves politics, music, and all types of food. Most importantly, he's all about Customer Love.

Taylor Milliman

Outside of work, Taylor enjoys backcountry skiing, cooking, playing the piano, and occasionally juggling on top of mountains. Previously, he built tools at Thumbtack to help professionals match with the right customers.

Valerie Huynh

Prior to Assembled, Valerie was on the investment team at New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and studied at Stanford. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, trying new brunch places, and playing piano.