April 16, 2020

A day in the life of a remote support agent 🏡

Jen Ong Vaughan

In our first two posts, we shared advice for how teams can stay connected while remote and how managers can best support them remotely. In this final post, we asked support agents with experience working remotely to share some advice on how to stay sane, happy, and productive while working from home.

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🌅 8 AM: Get ready for work

“Put on real clothes in the morning, even if you’re at home. Do everything that you'd usually do to go to work… except "go" to work.”

🚌 9 AM: Go to “work”

“Create a dedicated work zone at home. Set up an office space that’s preferably a real desk - not your bedroom or your bed. During my work hours, I stay in this area. It helps maintain “work life balance” when you’re always home.

📝 9:15 AM: Plan out your day

“Treat your attention span as though it’s an excitable puppy and give yourself as much structure as possible. Making a to-do list is super helpful.”

📵 9:30 AM: Get rid of all distractions

“Clear your desk & desktop of clutter, and quit your mail app until the end of the day when you’re ready to answer emails. Put your phone away, so if you’re tempted to check social media, you’ll need to physically get up and step away from your “office” to do so.”

🚶11 AM: 1:1

“For your next 1:1, ask your manager if you can do it over the phone while walking around your neighborhood. It forces me to get out of the house and catch some sunshine."

🍕 12 PM: Lunch time

“Eat real meals & stay hydrated!”

🍵 3 PM: Tea time

Take productive breaks (i.e. fold your clothes, water your plants, join a yoga session)

🍺 5:30 PM: End of work day!

“Make plans to FaceTime your friends after work or plan a movie night for yourself”

🛒 8 PM: Research must-haves for WFH life

“Get blue light glasses! We're all absorbing a lot of screen time. They've made a noticeable difference in my sleep quality.”

“Find a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. They keep me on track, focused and centered to help customers.”

😴 11 PM: Sleep

“And most importantly… make sure you get enough sleep!”

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