December 20, 2022

Affected by layoffs? These support teams are hiring

Sam Dehart

Back in 2020, I lucked into customer support. 

Covid had just hit, and my job as a community outreach rep for Imperfect Foods disappeared overnight. Who needs community outreach when everyone is staying inside?

In my final days of employment, I took a chance and applied for the only available role at Imperfect: a workforce specialist on the Customer Care team. I knew nothing about the role, but I did know a lot about customers and people. To my surprise, Imperfect decided to take a chance on me too.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that customer support is where I belong. Between the people, the work, and the tangible impacts, working in support changed my life.

Since then, in my role at Assembled, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of amazing support teams. Turns out the things I loved most about working in the trenches at Imperfect are surprisingly universal. Support folks are some of the kindest, most creative, high-horsepower folks around.

And with so many support jobs having been affected by the ongoing layoffs of this past year, a lot of those folks need us right now.

Many of my colleagues at Assembled have similar stories and meaningful connections to the support world. So we feel passionate about paying it forward when it comes to connecting folks to their next opportunity. That’s why we’ve created this job board — uniquely assembled for those in customer support.

Companies hiring for support roles

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