May 19, 2020

Forecast, schedule, and manage in a highly variable environment (Event Recap)

Kaytlin Louton


Thanks to everyone that joined us at the Kustomer CX Summit for our panel: Forecast, Schedule, and Manage in a Highly Variable Environment. We had a great time participating and learned a lot from other luminaries and thought leaders in customer experience. In case you missed it, we’ve shared a recording and compiled a few highlights below.

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(01:43) What is workforce management?

(03:16) On opening a new contact center, a scenario of high uncertainty

(06:34) On evaluating and adjusting an initial staffing plan

(08:48) How to use “what-if” analysis to prepare for scenarios

(10:02) How flexibility in skills can be a useful tool

(11:54) What to consider when forecasting for special events like a marketing launch

(13:55) What to do when volume is higher than expected or planned for

(15:03) Bringing in extra help: internal rotations or external vendors

(16:43) Expect advancements in agent or advocate experience

(17:43) Expect changes to how teams coordinate and tools required as more are distributed

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