July 9, 2020

Lessons learned from launching new support channels

Early this week, we created a checklist for crafting your support channel strategy. Today, we share some stories from the field. In this video, we talk to friends of Assembled — Nick Martin from Harry's, Shelton Wirth from Daily Harvest, and Adrien Seldon from Stripe — to hear how they've navigated the rollout of new support channels and what they've learned from past experiences.

Among other things, they'll talk through:

  • How to launch a new support channel
  • How to expand beyond email support
  • How to staff social media



(0:00) Defining channel strategy principles

(0:42) Lessons from a channel launch that was rolled back

(2:36) Stripe adds chat support to email support

(5:05) Hacks to improve case routing for realtime channels

(7:15) Daily Harvest launches SMS and inbound phone support

(10:09) Managing social media in support

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