Software Engineer (Frontend)

San Francisco, CA

Assembled ( aims to transform and elevate customer support. Our workforce management platform helps modern support teams save time and staff more efficiently. Our customers include companies like Stripe, Harry's, and GoFundMe.

We're a scrappy team that believes in crafting high-quality software that solves real, day-to-day problems. Members of our team have built iconic products at Google, Palantir, Stripe, and Thumbtack, among others, and contributed to major open source projects like Ruby on Rails.

We believe in deeply understanding our users when building product and, in that vein, you'll find yourself talking to users, planning product, and even brainstorming go-to-market strategies in addition to writing and reviewing code. Finally, while our frontend stack consists of React, Flow, Figma, and Webflow, we don’t require any prior experience with any of these languages or tools — we're all polyglots that believe in quickly learning what's needed.


  • Build our core frontend product experiences: work through conception, research, creation, and maintenance of each feature.
  • Contribute to our frontend infrastructure: build out reusable components that make it easy for other engineers to build frontend features.
  • Interact with end users: jump in on customer feedback and talk with our users to discuss our frontend design, watch them use our product, or listen to their top-of-mind challenges.
  • Advise on UI/UX decisions: provide input on UI/UX decisions for our application and marketing website. Your expertise will help shape the overall style and polish of our product.

About You

  • Entrepreneurial: You're gritty, determined, and self-motivated. You thrive in unstructured environments and relish in finding big problems and solving them.
  • Voracious learner: You're intellectually curious and love learning new things across a wide variety of disciplines. Many people on our team came to software from different backgrounds, including chemical engineering, economics, and mathematics.
  • Relentless builder: You consider yourself a doer. You're motivated by creating products, technologies, and tools that will have outsized impact.
  • Attention to detail: You have a keen eye for design and frontend interactions. You care about button styling, overall navigation and way-finding, and everything in between.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please email us at with a bit about yourself and why you're interested in working together.