San Francisco, CA

Assembled ( aims to transform and elevate customer support. Our workforce management platform helps modern support teams scale by solving forecasting, scheduling, and team metrics. We’re a small, scrappy team but already work with some of the most forward-thinking organizations in the world, including Stripe, Harry's, and GoFundMe.

As the first Marketer at Assembled, your goal will be to make Assembled synonymous with modern support. You'll have the opportunity to build the marketing foundation at Assembled, whether that's shaping our messaging and positioning, telling our customers' stories, or defining how Marketing collaborates with Sales and Product.

Why Assembled?

  • We've generated a lot of customer love by trying to "be the best partner" for our users. See here and here for more on some of our tactics.
  • We love understanding and getting to know our users. Pre-pandemic, we traveled to far flung places like Kiev, Kuala Lumpur, and Dublin, and post-pandemic, we regularly facilitate Zoom sessions, panels, and other events featuring our users.
  • We've built inbound interest by leveraging community, content, and partnerships, which hopefully give you seeds to work with. At the same time, we're early enough that you have plenty of room to variously systematize, experiment, and get creative.


  • Shape our messaging and positioning: Deeply understand the needs of users and prospects, who operate in a complex and fragmented environment. Craft target personas within our ideal customer profile and create messaging that translates our value proposition.
  • Turn our top customers into brand ambassadors: Develop case studies, organize panel discussions, cultivate reviews, encourage referrals, and engage support-specific communities. Facilitate conversations and connections within our user base through events, networking, and other experiences.
  • Develop and execute our product launch playbook: Collaborate closely with the Product team to develop a playbook that encompasses market research, competitive positioning, and user communications. We're particularly inspired by product-forward companies like Lattice and category-definers like Okta.
  • Architect campaigns to drive growth: Launch campaigns across a mix of established channels like our website, blog, partners, and email newsletter as well as untapped areas like community, social, and paid ads. Collaborate closely with Sales to define the funnel and growth targets.

About You

  • Shameless promoter: You know how to grow and engage audiences, whether that's for your personal Instagram or TikTok or through your professional LinkedIn or Twitter. Please link us!
  • Natural storyteller: You delight in articulating ideas clearly and powerfully through writing, images, and/or videos. You know a quality message when you see it.
  • Entrepreneurial: You're gritty, determined, and a self-learner. You thrive in unstructured environments and are unafraid of failure.
  • Cross-functional: Whatever your past experience, you have a track record of working cross-functionally across some combination of Product, Engineering, Sales, and/or Customer Success. You don't mind speaking different "languages".

We prefer 6+ years of relevant work experience that may span marketing, product marketing, growth marketing, product management, operational roles, or agencies. We're open minded, though, and care more about trajectory and demonstrated interest than your resume, per se.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please email us at with a bit about yourself and why you're interested in working together.