Launching Assembled

Assembled's mission is to transform and elevate customer support.

Our first product solves workforce management—in short, it helps support teams get staffing right. For the past two years, we’ve been building alongside the most innovative support teams in the world like Slack, Stripe, GoFundMe, and Harry’s.

Today, we’re excited to share Assembled with like-minded organizations that want to scale great support. You can request a demo here.

Why Assembled?

We all have a version of that one customer support experience. As ex-employees at Stripe and ex-founders, we learned that the best companies do care deeply about great support—often, they view it as a competitive advantage.

Support was such an obsession at early Stripe that the founders would host “support rotations” at their apartment. And in our work since, we’ve observed many companies go the extra mile by building their own tools internally or keeping support in-house rather than outsource.

Assembled has talked to hundreds of organizations about growing or maintaining a support team—it’s become clear that the fundamental challenges are operational. What starts as a small, empowered team often progresses into a distributed workforce covering a complex array of products and channels. Existing tools for making this transition were conceived in the call-center era and lead otherwise innovative startups to behave like stodgy incumbents.

Providing great support at scale

Assembled captures what the best support teams previously had to build for themselves with a mix of spreadsheets and internal tools:

We automatically forecast support volume and translate it into the right staffing plan. In an environment where customers have many ways to get in touch—chat, email, phone, social media—it’s tricky and time-consuming to get this right.

We provide an intuitive team calendar that works across time zones and multiple specializations. We meet people where they already are by integrating with tools like Google Calendar and Slack.

Unified metrics
We make support schedules and metrics, like response times, visible across all levels. Many early users have said that Assembled was the first place where everyone on the team shared a blueprint for success.

Welcoming our investors

Our seed round was led by Stripe with participation from Basis Set Ventures, SignalFire, and a few close friends (including many early Stripe employees).

If you like what we’re working on, please drop us a line. We’d love to chat about any and all things support!