Worry-free staffing for fintech teams

Workforce management designed for fintech teams who prioritize proactive, accurate, and empathetic support for their customers.


Make confident staffing decisions

Built by early Stripe engineers, our out of the box forecasts are designed to meet the needs of fast-growing fintech support teams. And the best part? It's accurate, actionable, and easy-to-understand.


Build schedules that crush response times

Easily and quickly generate optimal schedules based on forecasted requirements, agent preferences, time zones, and more. Plus, schedules update to Google Calendar and Slack so your team can do less context-switching, and more problem-solving.

  • Create & manage schedules

  • Request & approve time off

  • Swap shifts

  • View schedules


Ensure support is top-notch

Access real-time and historical reports that can unlock agent adherence and performance as well as improved schedule accuracy. Better team productivity translates to happier customers, every time.


Thanks to Assembled, Stripe improved agent adherence by 33% and saved 20% in WFM team hiring. Now that's what we call money magic.

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The GoFundMe team's automated forecasts regularly achieve >90% weekly accuracy across email and chat channels.
Better for them, better for customers. 

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Betterment took wait times down to ~1 minute after implementing Assembled and making critical hiring decisions. Nice one.

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Integrations that meet you where you are

Seamless integrations with your contact platform (Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, and Kustomer)  and key communication tools (Google Calendar and Slack)  to bring everything together.

See us in action.

There’s so much more to us than what fits on this page, and if you’re intrigued, we’ll probably get along great.

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