Preparing to forecast for a new channel

Do you find yourself wondering how to forecast for an entirely new support channel? Or, are you preparing to expand your operating hours to 24x7? If you answered YES, this webinar on forecasting is for you.

The Assembled team will walk you through estimating customer contact volumes for new channels, tips on staffing plans to get you started, and how new channels affect existing ones.

Assembled is used by the world’s most customer-centric brands.

See what our customers are saying about Assembled

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Laura Levy
Vendor Program Manager
Assembled really stood out. Beyond just working, it felt like it was one of the only workforce management tools that was built for today.
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Pavlos Vasilakis
Workforce Manager
I’m confident that even someone with minimal WFM experience could get Assembled up and running that quickly.
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Kevin Rury
Workforce Management Analyst
Assembled is the first platform we've worked with that gives both the workforce manager and agents a great experience.

Inform staffing decisions through accurate predictions

Great workforce management software is powered by accurate, actionable forecasting. With Assembled, you have everything you need to inform future headcount and  staffing decisions.

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Build SLA-proof schedules in minutes

Assembled makes it easy to create optimal schedules based on forecasted requirements, time zones, and more. No matter if you have 10 or 1,000 agents, you’ll be able to seamlessly visualize and prioritize how and where your team spends their time.


Expertly manage intraday operations

Stay one step ahead of your customers by closely tracking real-time performance, productivity, and other metrics that influence your SLAs.

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Access team and scheduling insights at a glance

Workforce management starts and stops with your agents - how they’re performing, how they’re being allocated, and how they’re feeling. Assembled makes it easy to see everything from realtime metrics to historical trends, giving you maximum insight into agent performance, burnout risks, and scheduling efficacy.


Integrations that seamlessly work where you work

Assembled brings it all together through integrations with key contact platforms (including Zendesk, UJET, and Kustomer) and key communication tools (Google Calendar and Slack) to bring everything together and give your team the schedule visibility they deserve.

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Our customers see real results. Are you next?

From increased productivity to meaningful cost savings, Assembled drives the outcomes that transform and elevate the support organization.

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Decrease in manual reporting time
Increase in SLA performance
Increase in agent productivity

Switching to Assembled is easy

Live in weeks. Fast time to value. No hidden fees.

Data sourced from G2 user ratings.

So, what do you say?

Together, we can build a better experience for your customers and your team.

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