Customer service teams deserve better.

We are a fast-thinking, fast-moving, empathy-driven team inspired by one main goal: to create intelligent systems in service of people helping people. We've started on this path by addressing the very real, very underserved needs of customer support teams.

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Our story begins with a love of math.

Yep. We get a thrill out of helping others solve math problems to unlock human potential. In fact, we believe that the worst customer experiences are usually a result of imbalanced variables, which means not having the right people at the right place at the right time. The best part about this: it’s solvable. And we really love when that happens (BTW, we’re into other things aside from math.)

We're backed by the best.

We’re also lucky to have some amazing individual investors, including Jay Simons (former Atlassian), Jack Altman (CEO, Lattice), Des Traynor (Founder, Intercom), and Alison Pickens (former Gainsight).

Challenges we face today

They make things harder, but they also motivate us to keep going.

Support & Tech = ?

Despite its rising importance, customer support tends to be in the shadow of buzzier, trendy technology, but it also means that we get to build a place where only the truly passionate people self-select into.

We see what others can't

Seeing the opportunity that others don’t can be daunting. We saw this firsthand at Stripe, and took the lesson with us: hard, non-obvious problems are the most rewarding to solve.

Not just selling software

We’re also in the business of showing our customers what superior support looks like. This means we need to give just as much thought to ‘support R&D’ as we do our product roadmap.

We're building a championship team.

We're an eclectic mix of ambitious, curious, entrepreneurial, and humble. It's what makes us unique as individuals, and successful as a collective. Above us, we're united by an authentic desire to tackle the worthy problems that no one else sees. Come join us on the ride of a lifetime!

meet the team
Neel Kapse
Prior to Assembled, Neel worked on a data labeling platform and built a distributed system for processing API requests at Hive. He likes bouldering, strategy games (chess, Slay the Spire), and singing along to Disney music.
Adrien Seldon
Workforce Management
Adrien is a tenured Workforce Manager who's worked at Stripe, T-Mobile, and AWS. Adrien enjoys spending time with his family and (increasing) # of pets as well as exploring everything the PNW has to offer.
Sam Dehart
Sam was previously a workforce manager at Imperfect Foods. Outside of work, Sam is an aspiring fantasy author, amateur stand up comic, and nerd for all things social science.

See us in action.

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