We believe customer service teams deserve better.

We are a fast-thinking, fast-moving, empathy-driven team inspired by one main goal: to create intelligent systems in service of people helping people. We've started on this path by addressing the very real, very underserved needs of customer support teams.

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Our story starts with a love of math.

You read that correctly.  We’re a bunch of people who get a thrill out of helping others solve math problems to unlock human potential. In fact, we believe that the worst customer experiences are usually a result of imbalanced variables, which means not having the right people at the right place at the right time. The best part about this: it’s solvable. And we really love when that happens (we’re into other things aside from math, not to worry).

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We're backed by the best.

We’re also lucky to have some amazing individual investors, including Jay Simons (former Atlassian), Jack Altman (CEO, Lattice), Des Traynor (Founder, Intercom), and Alison Pickens (former Gainsight).

We're building a championship team.

We're an eclectic mix of ambitious, curious, entrepreneurial, and humble. It's what makes us unique as individuals, and successful as a collective. Above us, we're united by an authentic desire to tackle the worthy problems that no one else sees. Come join us on the ride of a lifetime!

Act like a support agent

It's a mentality and an operating principle. It means meeting every challenge with rigor,  empathy, and efficiency. Doing it because you care. Listening first, solutioning next.

Get on the plane

We are biased towards action, and don’t wait to pitch in, help out, or to go the extra mile, every time. Sometimes, you just need to get on the plane — literally and figuratively.

1% better

For us, it’s progress over perfection, though we strive for it all. Above all, it’s how we get there — by listening, learning, and improving. For us, feedback is a gift, and it’s key to us building a better Assembled.

See what we believe in

Or, better stated — here’s how we behave as a team.  Our values are inspired by the best support teams, who in turn power the best customer experiences.

Be part of our future.

There’s so much more to us than what fits on this page, and if you’re intrigued, we’ll probably get along great.

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