We build tools to make customer support simpler, more pleasant, and more efficient.

We're removing the mundane tasks in customer support so that teams can get back to doing what's most important — serving customers. We believe the best customer support experiences happen when people talk to people, so we're building a platform that removes manual toil and allows individuals to shine.

Brian Sze
Brian led the growth team at Stripe as the company scaled from 30 to over 500 employees. Before Stripe, he helped build the Analytics team for Obama for America. He loves all things music, travel and Warriors (pre-bandwagon).
Chris Pak
Chris is an avid paraglider and climber. He has worked for various companies around the Bay, including Asana and Thumbtack.
Jen Ong
Jen previously led the Support Operations Platform team at Stripe and was a consultant at Bain & Company. She is a triathlon enthusiast and an aspiring dog owner.
John Wang
John loves golf, fitness and his dog, Taro. He was most recently the Chief Engineer and Co-Founder at Zinc.io (YC W14). Prior to Zinc, John worked at Stripe, 37Signals, and Palantir. He studied computer science at MIT.
Katara is a half Australian Shepherd that specializes in herding smaller dogs, napping, and convincing people to give her food.
Michael Zeng
Michael enjoys climbing, making music, and doing crosswords. He previously was an engineer on Google’s Trips Parsing team making sure that people don’t miss their flights.
Ryan Wang
Ryan was most recently a Software Engineer on Stripe's User Operations team. He studied economics and statistics at UChicago and loves a good book.
Taro serves as Assembled's Chief Pigeon Security Officer and helps keep pigeons off of San Francisco sidewalks. Taro loves to fetch balls at the dog park, play tug of war, and chase pigeons. She's a proud mother of at least 4 puppies.
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