Assembled for Fintech

Bank on better client relationships

For innovative financial institutions, building world-class customer experiences at scale can be a challenge, and a costly one if not done right. An all-in-one workforce management tool helps you deliver empathetic, reliable support when your clients need you most.

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Stripe steers a global support team to fast response times

Through Assembled’s real-time dashboard, Stripe fixes issues as they arise in the moment, improving schedule adherence by 33% and saving them 20%+ in team hiring!


Provide support your clients can trust

Building strong client relationships starts with a reliable support team. With Assembled’s forecasting, you have the data you need for current staffing decisions and future headcount growth, ensuring your agents are always in the right place at the right time to provide quick, responsive support.

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Meet your clients where they’re at

Keeping up with time zones, regional regulations, and privacy protection is a challenge for any fast-growing financial services company. Assembled helps you create optimal schedules based on forecasted requirements, time zones, and more. No matter if you have 10 or 1,000 agents, you’ll be able to seamlessly visualize and prioritize how and where your team spends their time.


Bring peace of mind in uncertain times

Whether a customer is processing a claim, closing on a loan, or managing their credit, your agents need to be ready for anything. Assembled makes it easy to coach agents to deliver better support. From real-time metrics to historical trends, you'll get maximum insight into agent performance, burnout risks, and scheduling efficacy.

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Build a future-proof contact center

Ditch disjointed systems, and bring value to clients with modern tools and integrations designed to help you deliver better service. Assembled brings it all together through integrations with key contact platforms (including Zendesk, UJET, and Kustomer) and communication tools (Google Calendar and Slack) to give your team the visibility they deserve.

Jackie Chung
Senior Workforce Analyst, Casper
Scalability is a huge factor when it comes to our partnership with Assembled. We're able to automate efficiently, make more informed decisions, and take additional inputs into account when optimizing customer experience.
Laura Levy
Customer Experience Program Manager,
Assembled really stood out. Beyond just working, it felt like it was one of the only workforce management tool that was built for today.

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