Integrations that work where you work

Every Assembled integration is built to be reliable, seamless, and high-quality. What this means for you: robust data that you can count on, when you need it, where you need it. It’s one single pane of glass for all your CX needs.

Create custom workflows, integrations, or automations atop a modern tech stack.
  • Pull data into Looker, Tableau, and more
  • Insert agents states or modify schedules
Amazon Connect
See a reliable single source of truth for your support operations.
  • Configure forecasts your way
  • Manage intraday operations with real-time data
  • Ensure efficiency while outsourcing
Level up agent coaching with quality assurance and agent training.
  • Pull QA scores into Agent Scorecard
  • Optimize scheduling coaching or training based on performance thresholds
Build custom reporting and see real-time performance of phone and messaging support.
  • Forecast inbound and outbound call volume
  • View agent adherence in real-time
Automate time-consuming workflows and push reporting automatically into your data warehouse.
  • Sync data without writing code
  • Securely push data between any cloud-based tools
Google Calendar
View events in your primary calendar or a separate, Assembled-specific calendar. Or pull events from a shared team calendar into Assembled to reflect meetings or other events.
  • Real-time collaboration and communication
  • Efficient resource allocation and capacity planning
Streamline time off management by pulling in approved requests.
  • Automatically sync approved time off directly from HiBob
  • View time off events in schedule analytics report
  • Sync time off events with Google calendar and other tools
Build a schedule that includes support, sales, marketing, and bots.
  • Create flexible schedules for live chat
  • Report on real-time metrics
  • Forecasts for chat, email
Unify all your conversations to access historical and real-time metrics.
  • Track adherence for flexible agent states
  • Staff for all channels (including social and SMS)
Level-up agent coaching by bringing your team’s QA data into Assembled.
  • Easily pinpoint areas for improvement
  • See historical QA insights for each agent
Unlock agent coaching by pulling in quality assurance scores to the Agent Scorecard.
  • View an agent’s average QA score by day or week
  • Collect insights to help agents hit benchmarks
Salesforce Service Cloud
Customize workflows for your enterprise teams.
  • Scale with enterprise-ready features
  • Complete your support stack with workforce management
View a list of who's working right now or later today with the /assembled command. Receive notifications or scheduled reminders to a specified channel.
  • Seamless data synchronization
  • Increased transparency
  • Centralized data
Streamline support with accurate forecasting and flexible agent scheduling.
  • Forecasting for all phone support
  • View agent performance in real-time
  • Map data to custom queues
Create queues and map real-time performance from phone and chat.
  • View agent states in real-time
  • Import agents and ticket data seamlessly
(Paid add-on)
Streamline time off management by pulling in approved requests.
  • Automatically sync approved time off and leave of absence from Workday
  • View time off events in schedule analytics report
  • Sync time off events with Google calendar and other tools
Zoom Contact Center
Seamlessly sync Zoom Contact Center data to manage omnichannel support operations.
  • Right-size your staffing
  • Track productivity and adherence across teams
  • Forecast by channel and queue
Automatically sync tickets and statuses from Support, Chat, and Talk.
  • Sync with unified agent statuses
  • View schedules using our Zendesk App
  • Forecast across all Zendesk channels

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Accurate, out of the box forecasts enable smart staffing decisions and even smarter schedules.


Real-time dashboards and historical reports tie together all your data, from performance to adherence.


Spend 67% less time—and a lot less brainpower—compared to traditional spreadsheets or basic tools.

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