Integrations that work where you work

Our best-in-class integrations are built to unify data from customer service platforms and collaboration tools so teams can focus more, and context-switch less.


Automatically sync tickets and statuses from Support, Chat, and Talk.

  • Import agents with 1-click
  • View schedules using our Zendesk App
  • Forecast across all Zendesk channels
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Unify all your conversations to access historical and real-time metrics.

  • Track adherence for flexible agent states
  • Staff for all channels (social and SMS)
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Build a schedule that includes support, sales, marketing, and bots.

  • Create flexible schedules for live chat
  • Report on realtime metrics
  • Forecasts for chat, email
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Customize workflows for your enterprise teams.

  • Complete your support stack with workforce management
  • Scale with enterprise-ready features
Talk to Sales


Create queues and map real-time performance from phone and chat.

  • View agent states in real-time
  • Import agents and ticket data seamlessly
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Create custom workflows, integrations, or automations atop a modern tech stack.

  • Pull data into Looker, Tableau, and more
  • Insert agents states or modify schedules
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Integrates with tools your team uses

Google Calendar

View events in your primary calendar or a separate, Assembled-specific calendar. Or pull events from a shared team calendar into Assembled to reflect meetings or other events.


View a list of who's working right now or later today with the /assembled command. Receive notifications or scheduled reminders to a specified channel.

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Spend 67% less time—and a lot less brainpower—compared to spreadsheets or basic tools.

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Forecasts within 10% of your weekly volume out-of-the-box, that tell you how to staff optimally.

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Real-time dashboards and historical reports tie together all your data, from ticketing to telephony.

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