What do our customers love about us?

Assembled is the only scheduling platform we found built for a rapidly growing startup. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and has cut down my scheduling time by 70%!

Assembled has been able to provide insight into staffing across our distributed support sites—something I’ve never had before. It’s been like adding another workforce manager to my team.

Things just work. The ease of use of Assembled’s scheduling experience saves a ton of time every day, and we no longer have wonky permissions issues with our spreadsheet. Associates are way better at tracking their schedules now that it’s integrated with Google Calendar.

Assembled is future-proof scheduling. Instead of just fixing the current process, we have technology in place that can scale with us. The daily algorithm spits out 80-90% of the schedule for us, which saves us over 2 hours a day in scheduling.

With Assembled, we’ve been able to take a data-driven approach to capacity evaluation. We now have a clearer picture of the hiring plan and clarity over staffing requirements throughout the week.

Before Assembled, we spent a lot of manual time making guesses on our forecast to create our coverage plan. With Assembled, we now have a forecast of our support volume broken down by business unit and can accurately plan and staff our team. Assembled has created bandwidth that previously was not there for us.

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