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Automate support ticket resolution and guide agents to perfect replies with generative AI. Leading support teams use Assembled Assist to make every customer touchpoint exceptional, whether handled by an agent or an automation.

increase in solves per hour
email cases automated
increase in positive CSAT replies
decrease in escalations

Automate ticket resolution with generative AI

Assist is customized to your product, brand, and customers, delivering strategic, quality automated support at scale.

  • Automatically resolve tickets in a single touch
  • Always-on virtual agent for 24/7 support
  • Prevent SLA breaches and clear ticket backlogs
  • Strict adherence to your custom style guide
  • Infinitely scalable without adding headcount

Give every agent a head start

Assist lives in Zendesk, automatically suggesting replies, eliminating manual data lookups, and reducing transfers.

  • Integrated knowledge base for fast agent ramp time
  • Auto-drafted replies in your brand voice
  • Agent chat box to ask Assist clarifying questions
  • One-click modifiers to refine replies

Control and customize Assist

Assist uses an incremental approach to AI automation, so you’ll always remain in control of how and when it’s deployed.

  • Out-of-the-box value with ticket summarization and automatic drafts
  • One-click integrations to enrich agent responses
  • Response evaluation tool to coach Assist quickly
  • Configure automations up or down in response to fluctuations in ticket volume

View a single pane of glass for all support operations

Assist is connected to your workforce management data, allowing you to make quicker business decisions.

  • Instantly increase auto-sends when ticket volume spikes
  • Prevent SLA breaches with real-time insights
  • Inform hybrid forecasts for AI-assisted support teams
  • Predict the impact of automation on your schedule

Make the most of artificial intelligence with data-driven intelligence

Make faster business decisions with comprehensive reporting

See a breakdown of historical team performance and improvement while using Assist.

  • Assist Scorecard to track AI accuracy and knowledge over time
  • Agent Usage reporting to see a breakdown of interactions
  • Agent Comparison report to see agent performance with and without using Assist
  • Automations report to see CSAT ratings of Assist’s responses
  • Auto Drafts report for a breakdown of ticket categories and results

Deliver support your way

Tailor Assist to your own brand style guide for a seamless customer experience.

  • Tone of voice controls
  • Style and formatting options
  • Configure emoji usage
  • Customize with unique brand language

Maintain control over AI-generated responses

Our evaluation and feedback tool lets you coach Assist to be accurate, high-quality, and on-brand.

  • One-click feedback module to quickly review replies
  • Customizable guardrails for controlled automation
  • Incremental automation as response quality increases

Uncover information gaps and improve company knowledge

Our reports will uncover to opportunities to enrich your knowledge base.

  • Reporting on Assist’s confidence with drafting replies
  • See a breakdown of missing info by category
  • Get alerted to incorrect or missing resources
Enterprise-grade security protocols

Rest assured that sensitive information is protected and anonymized, and we’ll never use your data to train our generalized models. You can expect the same advanced security from workforce management in our AI tool.

Partnership over vendorship is our daily motto

The Assembled team is right alongside you through every step of your AI journey. We’ll customize your implementation to make sure your support meets company standards and exceeds customer expectations.

Automate the most time-consuming tasks with our best-in-class integrations
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Developed in partnership with industry-leading advisors from OpenAI and Anthropic

"It’s now a matter of when, not if, every support team will invest in AI. Working with the Assembled team has been an exciting opportunity to build the next generation of AI solutions for support."

Yaniv Markovski, Advisor, Assembled
Fmr Head of Support Engineering, OpenAI

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