Make A+ staffing decisions

With our out of the box forecast of support volume, you have everything you need to make accurate and efficient headcount and scheduling decisions. Now that's what modern workforce management should look like.


Build SLA-proof schedules in minutes

Create optimal schedules based on forecasted requirements, time zones, and more. Give your team up-to-date visibility with schedules that sync to Google Calendar and Slack. Bet your spreadsheet can’t do that.

  • Create & manage schedules

  • Request & approve time off

  • Swap shifts

  • View schedules


Coach agents without any micromanaging

From realtime metrics to historical trends, you’ll have maximum insight into agent performance, burnout risks, and scheduling efficacy.  They’ll wonder where you got your superpowers, and we’ll never tell.


Integrations that meet you where you are

Seamless integrations with your contact platform (Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, and Kustomer)  and key communication tools (Google Calendar and Slack)  to bring everything together.

What’s new with Assembled?

The latest and greatest, fresh out of the Assembled oven.

Calendar upgrade

Learn more about how the latest updates to the Google Calendar integration makes the Assembled experience even stronger.

WFM explained

Get schooled on the fundamentals of workforce management, including when it's time to invest, what it involves, and where to start.

What's launching

Made especially for our power users, our What's New sections details all the latest launches, fixes, and updates as they happen.


When I first started using Assembled, I learned that scheduling didn't need to be painful to be efficient. It was such a transformative product that I decided to join the team!

Sam Dehart

former workforce analyst, imperfect producE
current onboarding specialist, assembled


So many of us have felt the pain of scaling CX, which is why we place so much focus on making sure our customers feel supported every step of the way.

Talal Naboulsi

Former support manager, looker
current customer success manager, assembled

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