Support scheduling solved

A modern workforce management platform built for rapidly scaling support teams. We help you forecast support demand, build and manage team schedules, and uncover insights to improve your support operations.

What You Get

Why fast growing companies choose Assembled

Powerful and flexible forecasting

Create and tweak forecasts on the fly that adjust to the natural patterns of your support demand

Automated schedule generation

Build the perfect schedule in minutes with our scenario planner and proprietary algorithms

Intuitive team scheduling

Streamline your agent scheduling experience for shift swaps, schedule changes, and PTO requests

Real-time insights

Monitor queues, agent activity, and adherence in real-time with fully customizable notifications

Advanced reporting

Analyze support performance and staffing from within Assembled, or export your data by CSV or API

Plug-and-play integrations

Integrations to most major contact platforms, Google Calendar, and Slack for seamless forecasting and scheduling

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Build the right staffing plan in minutes

We create a customized support forecast just for you (or import and configure your forecasts). From there, we use our proprietary algorithms to generate the optimal schedule that fits your team's scheduling parameters.

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Actionable reporting for better support operations

Real-time reporting and customizable notifications alert you to operational breakages as they develop. Reporting and scenario planning help you improve support performance through effective staffing.

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