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Learn how Zendesk customers are using Assembled to cut down on operational costs, increase agent adherence, and improve their service levels.

Stay in sync with Zendesk unified agent status

Assembled will pull in all standard and custom unified agent statuses straight from Zendesk, making it easier than ever to streamline your omnichannel support operations and stay on top of adherence reporting.

Keep your team on task with schedule updates right within Zendesk

The Assembled App for Zendesk makes it simple for agents to stay on top of their schedules by making them visible within the agent workspace. Real-time updates and calendar reminders keep your agents on track and reduce context-switching.

Accurately staff across all Zendesk channels

Whether you’re running support via phone, email, live chat, or messaging, forecasting and scheduling are a breeze. Start by using our forecasts or uploading your own. From there, queue configuration, schedule templates, event optimizations, and real-time management make sure your team never misses a beat.

Ensure accurate agent states with automated tab management

Our Chrome extension prevents accidental offline statuses, by limiting agents to just one open tab of Zendesk at a time, guaranteeing you’ve always got the clearest picture of real-time agent activity.

Automatically track agent states and leverage aux codes

Assembled will automatically track agents working in Zendesk, giving you additional metrics—including schedule adherence—in our Real-time Dashboard, Team Performance Report, and Agent Scorecard. Advanced configuration options also allow you to use aux codes and to track work outside of Zendesk against ticket work.

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