GoFundMe maintained critical response times through the scaling process

GoFundMe maintained critical response times through the scaling process

Assembled’s impact
  • With Assembled, GoFundMe was able to scale the team to over 100 team members while maintaining sub-hour response time to customers.
  • GoFundMe uses sophisticated scheduling algorithms automate 80-90% of their time spent scheduling.
  • Assembled's fully automated forecasts regularly achieve >90% weekly accuracy across email and chat channels.
Channels supported
Chat, email
Support team size
Contact platform
Assembled is future-proof scheduling. Instead of just fixing the current process, we have technology in place that can scale with us.

Morgan Wood
VP, Customer Operations

The challenge: Scaling to over 100 agents while maintaining a first-class support experience

As GoFundMe grew, the support team grew more complex—there were more timezones, more specializations, more channels and more offices. But one thing remained the same: GoFundMe had a mission-critical need for fast response times. Millions of people rely on GoFundMe to launch new businesses, pay medical bills and raise awareness for important causes. So when there’s an issue with a campaign, it needs to be handled quickly.

To maintain a rapid response time, GoFundMe realized they needed team members to be available when customers needed them. However, they also wanted to continue to invest in the team by setting aside regular project time for team members to develop while improving the team’s overall operations.

Without a workforce management tool, GoFundMe turned to manual spreadsheets and basic scheduling software. This homegrown system started to break, especially as GoFundMe insisted on building an operational plan that provided professional growth opportunities for individual agents.

We’d taken our scheduling approach through Google Sheets to the maximum.

Morgan Wood, VP, Customer Operations

Today, Assembled helps GoFundMe proactively achieve balance between its mission-critical SLA and professional development

Assembled integrates with Zendesk and generates sophisticated forecasts for GoFundMe that regularly achieve within 10% weekly accuracy. With these forecasts, GoFundMe uses Assembled's sophisticated scheduling algorithms to generate schedules that balance their email and chat needs alongside project time and meetings for the team. This not only ensures an optimal and equitable schedule, but also saves roughly 2 hours of time each day.

The daily algorithm spits out 80-90% of the schedule for us, which saves us over 2 hours a day in scheduling. Every day it’s tangible savings.

Morgan Wood, VP, Customer Operations

With three specializations handling different aspects of their support operation, GoFundMe makes use of queue mapping to map Zendesk tickets to specializations and channels directly within Assembled. This enables them to forecast and staff separately based on the particular queue’s state.

Throughout their partnership, Assembled has worked with GoFundMe to experiment with different forecast methodologies to find the best fit for their goals and evolving support environment.  Assembled can generate forecasts for opened and re-opened cases, or total messages sent. For less predictable periods, Assembled enables GoFundMe to exclude outliers, to classify special holiday periods and to even switch to a more simple trailing average. This flexibility has ensured GoFundMe's team is set up for success, and that team leads can create the space for team members to grow.

It’s really improved the Ops teams. Teams can see how they are dividing their resources and see what other people are working on

Jordan Philyaw, Ops Engineer

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