Build SLA-proof schedules with ease

Uplevel your support operations with next-generation scheduling features designed to meet SLAs while also empowering your agents.

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“Assembled is intuitive to use, and works great for both support managers and staff. The staffing page works brilliantly for multi-channel support teams, and features really do seem designed with real people in mind."
Paul M., Director of Support

Maximize your time with fully automated scheduling

Spend time on what matters most thanks to a scheduling experience that eliminates all the hassle, manual entry, and unforced errors.

  • Automations with pre-defined business rules, agent shift durations, work-hour regulations, and priorities
  • Edit schedules based on a day or week view
  • Flexible templates for longer-term scheduling
  • Automations that insert lunches and breaks in optimal spots within schedules
  • Make it your own with custom metric rows, extra columns, and custom date ranges

Simulate staffing options for maximum SLA gains

Stress-test the potential impact of your staffing decisions with our schedule simulator, and easily make adjustments before publishing.  Built for all levels, from novice builders to pro schedulers.

  • Test schedules displaying impact on SLA and net staffing months in advance
  • Ability to adjust AHT, concurrency, and more to simulate various scenarios
  • Draft schedules against scenarios to ensure optimal staffing before pushing live
  • Refer back to historical schedule changes with audit logs
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Make key intraday changes without delay

Things happen, whether it’s agents calling in sick or an unexpected outage. Assembled gives you the confidence and ease you need to make important and instant staffing changes as life happens.

  • Multi-select to move events in seconds, or add events for multiple people at the same time
  • Keyboard shortcuts that allow for quick adjustments like copy/paste, undo/redo, and more
  • Toggle between timezones seamlessly
  • View staffing updates as changes are made

Put scheduling power back in agents’ hands

Give your agents the flexibility and autonomy they deserve with scheduling that factors in their preferences, plans, and requests. As an added bonus, you’ll get some time back in the process!

  • Manage and give visibility into timeoff requests and approval
  • Self-scheduling experience
  • Event change request workflow that shows potential impact on SLA and net staffing
  • Integrations with Google Calendar and Slack clearly notify agents about schedule updates
  • Open shifts to facilitate shift bids, shift swaps, and rotations in the system of your choice
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