Deliver better support with WFM that prepares you for anything

Make optimal staffing decisions, gain visibility into contact center performance, and unlock new ways to serve evolving customer needs with modern workforce management.

increase in adherence
reduction in scheduling time
increase in SLA performance
increase in productivity

Staff seamlessly for live and asynchronous channels

With multiple forecast options and endless customizations, optimal staffing is a breeze.

  • Staff accurately for granular segments of work, from transfers, escalations, and more
  • Use one of our configurable forecasts or upload your own
  • Quickly modify any forecast with outliers and adjustments
  • Plan effortlessly across phone, chat, social, email, and back office
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Meet SLAs every time with automated scheduling

Shortcuts, automations, and configurable staffing rules make it easier than ever to schedule teams at scale.

  • Schedule in seconds with templates and automated rules
  • Quickly edit schedules for intraday changes
  • Automatically insert lunches, breaks, and training sessions
  • Create test schedules and run scenario planning
  • Empower agents to make their own schedule changes and request PTO or overtime
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Stay on top of team performance without delay

Real-time monitoring puts the power back in your teams' hands, alerting you to adherence issues and allowing you to make intraday adjustments on the spot.

  • Out of adherence alerts with customizable thresholds
  • Dashboards to see a holistic view of all operations, or drill down to a single channel, team, or agent for deeper insights
  • Configurable reports to focus on the metrics that matter most
  • Automatic time tracking and end of shift monitoring to eliminate manual clocking in

Get visibility into all the metrics you rely on most

Assembled helps teams make smarter business decisions in every part of the organization with actionable insights.

  • Compare actual volume with forecasted volume to make adjustments in real time
  • See the full lifecycle of a case, including transfers, escalations, and re-opens
  • Visualize your historical and predicted email backlog
  • Hone in on coaching opportunities using our Agent Scorecard and Team Performance reports
  • Get the full picture of team coverage with staffing heatmaps

Power your support operations with reliable, actionable data

Stay in sync with all the tools your team relies on

One-click integrations sync your data in real time to keep you on top of operations in the moment.

  • CCaaS, CRM, and help desk integrations pull in ticket volume and agent activity
  • QA tools sync with Agent Scorecard for more holistic coaching
  • HR platforms sync time off into team scheduling
  • Google Calendar and Slack integrations keep agents on top of their schedules
  • WFM integrations sync BPO agent schedules while allowing BPO teams to stay in their preferred tool

Flex your metrics any way you want with an open API

Assembled sits at the hub of your operations, allowing you to access and organize your data without restriction.

  • Endpoints on every report to pull metrics
  • Import custom schedules or forecasts in seconds
  • Sync real-time agent states with external tools
  • Build endless custom workflows to automate manual tasks

Deliver better support with data you can trust

Native data validation ensures that your data is always accurate, no matter the source.

  • Validate expected tickets and queues
  • Set up necessary ticket exclusions
  • Quickly pinpoint any errors in queue mapping

Get granular with your data analysis

When looking at a case on the whole isn't enough, Assembled provides the tools for deeper investigation.

  • Track the lifecycle of a case down to the minute, including transfers, escalations, and re-opens
  • See a breakdown with time stamps of every case to understand every touchpoint
  • New metrics let you see case touchpoints in aggregate, or drill down to the team or agent level
Enterprise-grade security protocols

Rest assured that sensitive information is protected and compliant with privacy regulations. We're independently audited and tested, and trusted by enterprise industry leaders.

Partnership over vendorship is our daily motto

It’s what makes Assembled different. We’re committed to your journey, starting with a speedy implementation process all the way to proactive customer success and support along the way.

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