Klaviyo reduces first response times by 91% while expanding global support coverage

Klaviyo reduces first response times by 91% while expanding global support coverage

Assembled’s impact
  • Thanks to improved scheduling with Assembled, Klaviyo reduced chat first response times by 91%.
  • Klaviyo's improved visibility into scheduling allowed them to provide true 24/7 support, including adding a new support team location in Australia.
  • Flexibility in queue management allowed Klaviyo to introduce a new priority support function to delight their largest customers.
Channels supported
Chat, email
Support team size
Contact platform

The team at Klaviyo knows a thing or two about the importance of metrics. Klaviyo powers smarter digital relationships, making it easier for businesses to capture, store, analyze and predictively use their own data to drive results. Over 143,000 companies across the globe use Klaviyo to get a deep understanding of their customers’ behavior, helping them to send the right message at the right time across email, SMS, mobile push, and review experiences. The platform then provides the data they need to measure, improve, and ultimately retain customers while driving revenue.

Klaviyo’s growth took off during the pandemic. Between 2022 and 2023, Klaviyo saw a huge increase in customers, which resulted in a corresponding increase in customer support needs. Klaviyo’s Customer Support team knew they had their work cut out for them and set to re-envision their support function to meet the growing demand.

When Rick Franke, VP of Global Support Services, joined the Klaviyo team in 2022 to expand the Support organization, he knew that to provide an excellent support experience, Klaviyo needed to empower their support team with strong support tooling. When evaluating early focus areas, Rick and the Klaviyo team identified three key areas for improvement:

  1. Improve first response times: Chat first response times were over 60 minutes.
  2. Provide 24/7 support: The team was previously providing 16 hours of coverage a day in the UK and US offices.
  3. Introduce priority support: As Klaviyo onboarded new enterprise customers, they wanted to exceed their expectations.
“Due to the unprecedented pace of Klaviyo’s growth, we needed to be able to scale quickly and efficiently. The Assembled team helped us by introducing a workforce management solution that allowed our team to increase both the quality and coverage of our support — and they did it faster than I’d imagined possible.”

Rick Franke, VP of Global Support Services

Around this time, Nate Schimmoller joined Klaviyo as Manager of Capacity Planning & Workforce Management. Rick, Nate, and the rest of the team agreed it was crucial to add a workforce management (WFM) solution that would help achieve their goals as Klaviyo scaled — without compromising quality.  

It was critical Klaviyo found a WFM solution that delivered reliable data and avoided lengthy implementation times, steep learning curves, and limited integrations. With these criteria in mind, Klaviyo started evaluating WFM solutions that would help put the right people in the right place at the right time.

When weighing the options, Assembled quickly rose to the top of the list. Not only did Assembled seamlessly integrate with Klaviyo’s existing ticketing system, the intuitive design made it easy for new team members to learn. Plus, Assembled was purpose-built to support all of Klaviyo’s support channels, no matter where agents were working. 

Thanks to ease of integration, Assembled's implementation into Klaviyo's tech stack was completed in mere weeks, allowing them to address and solve for their top three challenges in under six months:

  1. Improve first response times: Intuitive UI allowed them to quickly match staffing to demand, enabling the team to reduce chat first response times by 91%, resulting in first responses delivered in less than 5 minutes
  2. Provide 24×7 support: Introduced Weekend Support Teams and a new location in Sydney, Australia
  3. Introduce priority support: Launched new priority support offerings to delight customers thanks to the ease of Assembled’s queue management and scheduling
“Assembled has been a life-saver. I can’t think of another tool that could give us the data visibility we needed to expand our support offering, all while significantly decreasing our first response time. Five minutes represents a 91% reduction! You can’t argue with that kind of outcome.”

Nate Schimmoller, Manager of Capacity Planning & Workforce Management 

Today, Klaviyo continues to provide exceptional support for its customers. Nate and the WFM team are able to handle any challenges that arise, ensuring every support interaction helps Klaviyo power smarter digital relationships.

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