Real-time management

Expertly manage intraday operations

Stay one step ahead of your customers by closely tracking real-time performance, productivity, and other metrics that influence your SLAs.

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"The Realtime Dashboard has been really useful, especially in our remote environment. We track KPIs easily, and shift people around as we see queues building up or metrics trending in a certain direction,like wait times going up."
Jackie Chung Workforce Analyst, Casper

Every metric you need in one live dashboard

Assembled gives you real-time visibility to the metrics that matter, from adherence to granular agent states to current SLAs. It’s like your very own Mission Control.

  • Current agent states, scheduled events, and adherence metrics
  • SLA monitoring across all channels, teams, and queues
  • View live tickets in progress
  • First response times and cases solved by channel

Take critical action without hesitation or context-switching

Identify root causes of lower SLAs, adherence, or occupancy, and instantly make necessary staffing changes without ever leaving Assembled.

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling and keyboard shortcuts
  • Make proactive schedule changes
  • Rebalance workloads or reassign agents
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Stay close to how your agents are performing

Dig into a wide range of agent-specific metrics to inform staffing changes, identify adherence gaps, and understand exactly the kinds of cases agents are facing.

  • Performance and schedule metrics for all agents
  • Breakdown of cases solved per scheduled hour
  • Average handle time for phone and chat support
  • Adherence trends by channel

Coach agents through data-driven examples

Use the Agent Scorecard to get into the details of agent performance and quickly react to productivity dips.

  • Average adherence percentage, email utilization percentage, and cases solved by agent
  • QA score via MaestroQA and Klaus integrations
  • Zoom in on agent adherence and insights on events and agent states, down to the minute
  • Threshold settings to set team expectations for all metrics
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Get a live view into asynchronous channels

Hold asynchonous channels to the same standards as live support with Assembled’s real-time tracking. Monitor SLAs, email adherence and backlog, and in-progress tickets to inform key intraday changes.

  • Real-time view of email backlog volume
  • Configurable parameters for SLA, response times, productivity, and minimum staffing requirements

Understand agent activity without micro-managing

Assembled’s App for Zendesk automatically tracks agent activity down to a granular level, and includes aux codes for manual tracking.

  • Automatic tracking on ticket work within Zendesk
  • Options for agents to manually set aux codes
  • Visibility into granular agent states
  • Chrome extension for tab management, ensuring accurate agent states
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