Get coverage right with actionable forecasts

Accurate, out-of-the-box forecasts so that managers can focus on people instead of spreadsheets.

Sophisticated approach

Built by the experts behind machine learning systems at Stripe. We generate forecasts within 10% of your weekly volume with no configuration required.

Make manual adjustments

Models aren't perfect. Account for upcoming product launches or marketing campaigns. Or tag outlier events from the past that shouldn't influence the future.

for demand

We translate forecasted volume into required staffing. So straightforward that teams can schedule themselves—seriously, some teams actually do.

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Do more with Assembled


Spend 67% less time—and a lot less brainpower—compared to spreadsheets or basic tools.

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We meet you where you are with seamless connections to Google Calendar, Slack, and more.

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Real-time dashboards and historical reports tie together all your data, from ticketing to telephony.

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This will change things.

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