Accurate and actionable forecasting

Finally, forecasting that’s powerful without requiring a course in analytics. Easy configuration plus clear insights help ensure that you’re able to right-size your staffing numbers and optimize schedules.

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Sync, configure, and forecast with precision

With Assembled, forecasts are simple to set up and easy to understand. Thanks to an intuitive experience and sophisticated models based on Erlang-C, forecasts are easily configurable and consistently accurate. Sync to your contact platform, set your parameters, and be amazed!

  • Accurate within 10% out of the box
  • Built by machine learning experts
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Segment across channels and queues

Modern support teams need multi-view projections, which means getting specific in forecasting. We enable teams to forecast by queue, channel, and site, which ensures they’re able to get relevant staffing recommendations all without needing any special WFM knowledge. You’ll never have to wonder why you’re understaffed ever again.

Translate requirements to your staffing plan

These numbers are only as good as your ability to action on them. In three clicks or less, you’ll get a clear and intuitive picture of staffing requirements by channel, which directly informs your short-term scheduling and your longer-term headcount strategy, especially when you’re asked: “Do you really need to hire another 5 agents?”

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Breanne McCormick
Strategy Analyst, Ro
“We've never had anything like Assembled’s forecasting. The volume forecasting is pretty spot-on, and it's been super helpful for day-to-day staffing as well as long-term hiring.”

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We meet you where you are with seamless connections to Zendesk, Google Calendar, Slack, and more.

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