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The backbone of modern support teams

Innovative healthcare companies who want to stand out need to deliver the best patient experiences. Assembled's all-in-one workforce management platform helps you handle the tough cases and provide empathetic, reliable support when your patients need you the most.

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Building a resilient support operation for distributed work

Ro uses Assembled to provide increased scheduling flexibility to the team as they transition to distributed work.


Be on call for your patients 24/7

Rapid responsiveness is key in taking care of patients' health. With Assembled forecasting, you have everything you need to inform future headcount and current staffing decisions, so agents are always in the right place at the right time to provide patient-centric support.

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Schedule for quality patient experiences

Keeping up with time zones, regional regulations, and privacy protection is a challenge for any healthcare company. Assembled helps you create optimal schedules based on forecasted requirements, time zones, and more. No matter if you have 10 or 1,000 agents, you’ll be able to seamlessly visualize and prioritize how and where your team spends their time.


Give agent performance a check-up

Assembled makes it easy to coach agents to deliver responsive, empathetic support to all patients. From real-time metrics to historical trends, you'll get maximum insight into agent performance, burnout risks, and scheduling efficacy.

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Integrate across the entire patient journey

Ditch legacy systems, and set your team up for success with modern tools and integrations. Assembled brings it all together through integrations with key contact platforms (including Zendesk, UJET, and Kustomer) and communication tools (Google Calendar and Slack) to give your team the visibility they deserve.

Jackie Chung
Senior Workforce Analyst, Casper
Scalability is a huge factor when it comes to our partnership with Assembled. We're able to automate efficiently, make more informed decisions, and take additional inputs into account when optimizing customer experience.
Laura Levy
Customer Experience Program Manager,
Assembled really stood out. Beyond just working, it felt like it was one of the only workforce management tool that was built for today.

Features to supercharge performance

Seamless patient scheduling
Effectively manage healthcare BPO teams
Strengthening the healthcare workforce
With Assembled, you can bid farewell to the complex task of patient scheduling. Our platform simplifies the process, allowing you to efficiently manage appointments, eliminate double bookings, and ensure that your patients receive the attention they deserve. By effortlessly juggling multiple schedules, you can optimize your resources and allocate your staff effectively, resulting in reduced wait times and enhanced patient satisfaction. Gone are the days of manual scheduling and administrative headaches. Assembled's intuitive interface and advanced algorithms take the guesswork out of patient scheduling, saving you valuable time and resources. With our platform, you can focus on what truly matters — providing exceptional care to your patients.
Effortlessly streamline your healthcare BPO teams with Assembled's all-in-one workforce management platform. Boost productivity, improve communication, and ensure smooth operations with a powerful solution that is designed specifically for the unique demands of the healthcare industry. From scheduling and task management to real-time analytics and reporting, Assembled empowers you to efficiently manage and optimize your healthcare BPO teams like never before. Maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional patient care with the ultimate workforce management solution at your fingertips.
Boost productivity and enhance patient care with Assembled's all-in-one workforce management platform for healthcare. By helping you strengthen the healthcare workforce, our platform ensures that your team members are efficiently managed and optimally deployed. With streamlined scheduling, easy communication, and comprehensive data analytics, you can improve staff coordination and reduce administrative burden, ultimately leading to increased productivity and better patient outcomes. Experience the power of a well-managed workforce with Assembled and unlock the full potential of your healthcare organization.

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