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Unlock team performance with robust reporting

What you can measure, you can improve. That’s why our analytics experience is designed to give you maximum visibility into team performance, productivity, and staffing accuracy.

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“Assembled gives us insight into how efficient and well-staffed we are. We didn’t even know we needed these metrics before.”
Breanne McCormick Strategy, Ro

Use historical trends to improve today’s results

Historical reporting in Assembled gives you complete access to performance trends, staffing needs, burnout risks, and opportunities for scheduling optimization.

  • Trend Analytics Report to see historical staffing decisions alongside trends in key metrics
  • Forecast Accuracy Report for insight into expected versus actual ticket volume

Optimize for asynchronous and omnichannel interactions

Easily track SLAs across channels and teams, no matter where tickets start from or where they’re going next.

  • Historical email backlog visual for first response times and breached SLAs
  • Escalation and transfer rates across all teams and queues
  • First touch resolution rates
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Coach agents to be their best with relevant data

Build a more holistic picture of performance, and guide your team through coaching that’s relevant to each agent.

  • Team Performance Report to see cases solved per scheduled hour, adherence, or average handle time
  • Agent Scorecard for a drill-down into individual agent metrics such as occupancy, SLA, QA score, CSAT, and more
  • Team-wide thresholds for per-agent metrics

Understand where teams are spending their time

Time-tracking and event productivity reporting give you powerful visibility into agent activity and informs critical staffing changes.

  • Schedule Analytics Report to see productive events by agent and measure utilization, shrinkage, and more
  • Aux codes to automatically track time spent working on tickets
  • Heatmaps to identify periods of over or understaffing
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