Ensure BPO efficiency and maintain quality without compromise

Managing BPOs to efficiency and productivity outcomes just got easier with Assembled’s purpose-built vendor management solution.

increase in adherence
reduction in hiring costs
increase in SLA performance
annual cost savings

Align on headcount requirements with a clear system of record

Plan out commitments without exchanging endless spreadsheets and tabs. Upload your capacity plan and easily have vendors modify or confirm requirements right within our BPO Planner.

  • Allocate forecasts across any number of BPOs
  • Negotiate BPO headcount with a communication workflow in one interface
  • Sort and filter by BPOs, queues, and more
  • View your allocation upload history, and quickly compare previous requirements with current requirements

Integrate with the WFM platforms your BPOs use for real-time schedules and metrics

Our WFM integration enables CX teams to have a single source of truth for BPO agent schedules and staffing coverage.

  • Map activity codes to match BPO events with your own definitions for a single, standardized view
  • View BPO schedules in real time, synced every few minutes
  • Grant your BPOs permissioned access to proactively manage event mappings
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Make staffing decisions in real time

View real-time adherence in aggregate across your BPO sites and queues and empower your team with real-time insights.

  • Monitor adherence in real time across BPO sites and queues
  • View adherence percentages in aggregate across BPOs or drill down to specific agent level metrics
  • Grant permissioned access to RTAs across your BPO sites

Assess and optimize performance across your BPO network

Ensure you’re only paying vendors for productive hours, hold teams accountable to service agreements, and quickly get to the root cause of missed SLAs with a comprehensive reporting suite.

  • Compare performance across your BPOs to assess high performers and areas of opportunity
  • Smartly allocate volume to high performing BPOs
  • Evaluate staffing coverage and actual hours delivered at an hourly interval in heat maps to reconcile invoices
  • Use adherence reporting to help you recommend agents for coaching or reassignment
Optimize vendor relations

Whether you’re shopping for a BPO, bringing one onboard for the first time, or looking to expand the vendors you already work with, Assembled helps make it a seamless experience. Our team is here to offer you guidance and support.

Customize vendor permissions

Role-based permissions ensure that vendors and employees always have the correct level of access to get the job done — without disruptions to existing workflows.

Our best-in-class integrations connect you directly to your BPOs

See how Assembled can transform your outsourced support operations

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