Why assembled?

Assembled is built for the support teams of today and tomorrow

Assembled is designed from the ground up to handle modern support channels. Our data-first approach equips you to make informed omnichannel staffing decisions and showcase the value driven by your support team.

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Built alongside customers for the fastest time to value

Our approach to onboarding means you’ll be up and running faster than with any other WFM tool out there. With Assembled, feedback is always valued. Everything we’ve built has been in lockstep with our customers. We won’t stop till we get it right.
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Ease of use
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Designed for teams of any size

Assembled is built to scale as the needs of your team evolve. We've got the right features to make sure your support team runs smoothly at every stage of growth.

Quick onboarding makes it easy to leave spreadsheets

With templates, automations, and one-click integrations, it’s easy for growing teams to quickly onboard and off-load manual spreadsheets for scheduling.

  • Automations with pre-defined business rules, agent shift durations, work-hour regulations, and priorities
  • Edit schedules based on a day or week view
  • Flexible templates for longer-term scheduling

All your channels, in one place and in real time

Teams making staffing plans across live and asynchronous channels rely on Assembled’s configurable forecasting, advanced scheduling, and real-time reporting to get a unified view of their operations.

  • Make informed decisions for staffing phone, email, chat and beyond
  • Ensure the right people with the right skills are available when you need them
  • Real-time reporting that's actually in real time

Engineered for the enterprise

Advanced security protocols, customizations galore, and a team of specialists are here to help you get maximum output from your support operations.

  • Built to scale for the most complex teams
  • Enterprise-grade security and reliability
  • One view into performance for internal and external support teams

Ensure BPO quality

You can outsource without compromising quality. Managing BPOs to efficiency and productivity outcomes is easy with Assembled’s purpose-built vendor management solution.

  • Align on headcount requirements with a clear system of record
  • Integrate with the WFM platforms your BPOs use for real-time schedules and metrics
  • Make staffing decisions in real time
At Assembled, we believe that building a product goes beyond collecting feedback. It means deeply understanding the challenges our customers face and finding the smartest ways to take work off their plates so they can get back to doing what they do best.
John Wang, Co-founder and CTO

A powerful engine, wrapped in intuitive UI

We’re built for every user, from agents on the frontlines, to workforce managers behind the scenes, to BPOs across the globe, and all the roles in between. Forget complex configurations and admin certification—Assembled is easy to understand and navigate from day one, so you can do the work that matters most.
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We now have a holistic way to understand our team resourcing and how it’s being used — and it provided a platform to make it easier to have conversations around how to improve our staffing coverage.

Teague O’ Connell
Head of Workforce Management, Stripe

Assembled really stood out. Beyond just working, it felt like it was one of the only workforce management tool that was built for today.

Laura Levy
Workforce Management Analyst, monday.com

Assembled is the most fantastic partner I've ever worked with. My team is so excited to see new product updates like agent shift patterns. We can't wait to see what they release next and I can't wait to go tell my leadership about it.

Clifton Farr
Workforce Manager, Lyra Health

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