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Features built to scale and adapt with you

Features built to scale and adapt with you


Automatic forecasting
Our forecasts are built by machine learning experts and accurate within 10% out of the box.
Multi-channel forecasting
See accurate forecasting across all of your support channels, skill, and queues in one unified dashboard.
Seasonality, trends, and outliers
We know forecasts aren’t one-size-fits-all. Our forecast adapts to your unique needs so you’re always ready for anything.
Manual overrides and adjustments
It’s your forecast, your way. Add manual adjustments to Assembled’s existing model for upcoming events or promotions.
Queue-specific forecasting
We enable teams to get specific with their forecasting, down to the individual queue, for the most accurate staffing requirements.
Arrival pattern generation
Use our API to upload your own forecast. Assembled will automatically apply arrival pattern data and generate accurate staffing requirements.
Email backlog
Visualize your historical email backlog and simulate future backlog scenarios, and get an even more accurate SLA prediction that accounts for your business hours.
Forecast uploads
If you’ve already got your own forecast figured out, you can easily upload it via our API or CSV and let Assembled generate staffing requirements meant to hit your SLAs.
Case Lifecycle data model
Measure and forecast down to the most granular segments of case work. See the full picture of transfers, escalations, re-opens, and pauses in case work.

Metrics management

Push and pull data through our API to easily integrate Assembled with any business intelligence tool. Learn more.

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CSV uploads
Seamlessly upload external schedules and forecasts directly into Assembled.
CSV and Google Sheets exports
Export Assembled reports in seconds, for easy external analysis or data sharing.
Sync your data instantly with best-in-class integrations with cloud-based contact centers, QA, and HR tools.

Performance management

Agent scorecard
Dive into the details of agent performance and quickly react to gaps in productivity. See individual agent metrics like QA, occupancy, SLA, and more.
Schedule analytics
Get granular data about how and where agents spend their time, filtered down by channels, teams, or queues.
Team performance reporting
Quickly diagnose any gaps in SLA or low adherence with the Team Performance Report.
Forecast accuracy reporting
Review how accurately your forecast predicted your contact volume, on any channel, for any timeframe.
Trends report
View all contact volume data in aggregate or separated by channel, and toggle between different time intervals for more granular metrics.
Staffing heatmaps
See intraday staffing patterns with a heatmap overlay to easily identify periods of over or under-staffing.
Ticket lifecycle tracking
Follow the path of any ticket and see escalation and transfer rates across all channels, teams, and queues.

Realtime management

Real-time dashboard
See a unified view of all support channels and agent states in real-time, to monitor agent adherence and inform any intraday changes.
Agent scorecard
Dive into the details of agent performance and quickly react to gaps in productivity. See individual agent metrics like QA, occupancy, SLA, and more.
Time tracking (in Zendesk)
Get granular data to understand where your team is investing their time, down to the agent state and individual tickets.
Team performance reporting
Quickly diagnose any gaps in SLA or low adherence with the Team Performance Report.


Scheduling templates
Save an existing schedule to re-use in the future. Flexible templates that support open shifts and recurrences allow for efficient onboarding, rotation based scheduling, and more!
Team scheduling
Leverage flexible views, automations, keyboard shortcuts, and bulk-editing to build your ideal schedule in minutes, based on your team SLAs and preferences.
Seamless time off management
Easily manage your team’s time off in one dashboard, and approve or deny requests in just one click. HRIS integrations reduce the manual work required.
GCal and Slack integrations
Seamless connections to Google Calendar and Slack allow you to view shifts in your calendar, receive schedule notifications, and see who’s currently working.
Agent-driven scheduling
Allow agents to request shift changes and lighten the load on managers. View the implication of changes on staffing levels and SLA before approving requests.
Customizable event types
Add as many custom event types as you’d like, to cover any use case. Easily create new event types and categorize them as productive, time off, or non-productive.
Event optimizations
Gain maximum efficiency by setting custom rules for events based on workday patterns and business rules, and let Assembled automatically create your optimal team schedule.
Version history
View all past edits made to your team schedule, and restore to a previous version when necessary.
Efficient scenario testing
Enter your team’s criteria and Assembled will automatically generate the schedule that will hit your SLAs every time. Test different schedule structures in a sandbox environment before publishing.

Vendor management

Multi-vendor forecasting
Plan for short- and long-term needs for each BPO by using our forecast or uploading your own via API or CSV.
Vendor requirement allocations
Break down your forecast by vendor and distribute headcount requirements to each.
Allocation commitment
Allow vendors to confirm or deny requested staffing and lock in headcount right within Assembled.
Real-time dashboard
Monitor daily adherence, occupancy, and SLA  across all vendors to inform any needed intraday changes, or to recommend agents for reassignment or coaching.
BPO scorecard
Set benchmarks for vendors and ensure you’re getting maximum performance with schedule analytics, adherence reporting,  escalation and transfer rates, and more.

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