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Make the most out of your data

An open API and seamless CSV exports and imports let you access and organize your data where you want, however you want.

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Enrich your data with our API

Our REST API lets your data flow into and out of Assembled to give external teams visibility, inform company-wide decision-making, and enhance your existing reporting.

  • Pull reporting data into your BI tool for analysis
  • Import forecasts to Assembled
  • Push schedules into Assembled
  • Easily onboard and offboard your team
  • Extract adherence, handle times, utilization, and 20+ metrics. Learn more.

Upload your data into Assembled in a flash

Easily import your forecasts and scheduling data into Assembled. Layer on key customizations and automations to take your data further. Sit back and watch as staffing is magically optimized.

  • Upload forecast for apply arrival patterns
  • Apply intervals for intelligent forecasting
  • Automatically update staffing by uploading time off
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Extract the reporting details that matter

With one-click CSV exports on any report, you can quickly access the data you need for everything from ticket and metric-based deep-dives to high-level, executive-ready reports.

Our API is one of the most valuable aspects of Assembled because of what it does for metrics-driven support workflows. It brings data about productivity and performance where and when you need it. In fact, getting a solid grasp of what impacts your SLA starts with the API.

Marc Dupuis Fmr. Product Manager, Assembled

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