August 19, 2020

Expanded metrics for improving team performance

We’re excited to announce a powerful new set of features for measuring and improving team performance. These include a revamped real-time dashboard as well as comprehensive reporting on schedule adherence and agent productivity.

In the last few months, we've seen support teams across the globe forced to rethink how they operate on the fly, with a dearth of modern tools to help them adjust. With these updates, early beta users like Stripe have gained back visibility for agents, managers, and executives alike, allowing them to debug response times, fix staffing gaps in the moment, and improve schedule adherence.

Real-time analytics

Our real-time dashboard tracks key metrics including volume, active contacts, SLA%, wait times, and response times broken out by channel. With live-updating agent states, you can quickly see the number of agents who are "Online" or "Away" and reconcile scheduled events with actual metrics and agent activity.

Your data comes to life in real-time with minute-level updates and color-coded thresholds. You’ll no longer need to jump back and forth between six different tabs just to be able to assess the current situation. As soon as a determined threshold is exceeded, the auto-updating panel’s color changes to yellow or red to alert you at a glance. If the calls queue suddenly balloons to 50 calls waiting, you'll be able to see the spike as it happens and respond appropriately. And in the near future, we’re bringing additional levels of customizability to the threshold-setting process.

Phone, chat, email and even SMS can finally live under one roof with our expansive suite of one-click integrations—including with Zendesk, Kustomer, and Intercom. If you have homegrown elements to your system, developers can also use our API to build custom integrations.

Reporting: Agent Performance

Gain clarity on your team’s past performance with meaningful team-level and individual agent data. With historical views split up by channel, managers or team leads can dive deep into schedule adherence and productivity metrics whether it's for coaching, planning, or operations.

Because Assembled also handles the scheduling process, we’re able to provide uniquely granular insight into your team’s productivity and performance. This enables you to build a holistic picture of how agent activity translates to team outcomes.

For example, Pie Insurance used real-time performance monitoring to increase adherence by 10%. This, in turn, reduced headcount needs by 10%, saving Pie Insurance $200,000 per year.

Productivity against schedule, together with up-to-date adherence and conformance metrics provide additional context to gross productivity metrics. With this additional visibility and context, you can confidently compare apples to apples when an agent has been in and out of trainings or out of the office for a few days during the week.

Reporting: Staffing Heatmaps

Staffing Heatmaps provide a channel-by-channel, hour-by-hour view of support health. Specifically, they allow you to look at actual staffing compared to required staffing based on real-time historical data. Identify the times in the week that are causing you problems and the times where you’re overstaffed so that you can respond accordingly.

Together, these updates allow you to confidently assess the up-to-the-minute status of your support operation and give you the historical data to make informed decisions about the future. Our unique insight provided by the scheduling process allows you to act confidently, knowing your decisions are based on the full context of the situation.

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