Elevate agent coaching with quality assurance

Bring valuable insights to your agents with quality assurance reporting, and automatically schedule continuous learning and coaching. Our WFM + QA solutions combine best-in-class capabilities to help modern support teams scale exceptional customer experiences.

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Seamless integrations with leading QA platforms

Other workforce engagement platforms offering both WFM and QA have a clumsy user experience and operate as two separate tools, leaving you with siloed data. With our integrations, you’ll be able to pull each agent’s QA data right into their individual Agent Scorecards in just a few clicks.

Bring out the best in your agents

With WFM and QA in one tool, you’ll have a single source of truth to identify gaps and areas of opportunity. Combine QA, adherence, and utilization metrics to guide coaching conversations and provide actionable feedback.

Schedule coaching in real-time with evaluagent

Based on agent performance thresholds set in evaluagent, Assembled can streamline scheduling 1:1 coaching time or dedicated LMS training time, in a time slot that fits their schedule best. Schedules are seamlessly synced between Assembled and evaluagent for real-time updates and notifications.

Measure impact over time

Enrich historical reporting with QA data to get the full picture of your support operations. Track team improvements over time, inform future headcount requirements, and make data-driven staffing decisions.

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Customize agent visibility

Multiple permissions options give you flexibility and control over what your agents can view. Allow them to view their full scorecard so they know where they stand, let agents view team members’ scorecards for teamwide accountability, or hide scorecards from agent view for leadership’s eyes only.

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