December 8, 2022

Introducing: The first workforce management platform for Zoom Contact Center

Marc Dupuis

We took the stage at Zoomtopia last month to make a special announcement: Assembled is thrilled to be the first workforce management platform with an integration for Zoom Contact Center. With its advanced scheduling, forecasting, real-time, and reporting capabilities, this powerful integration empowers support teams to see an accurate picture of their entire support operations.

When Zoom announced plans to build a contact center platform of its own, we jumped at the opportunity to develop alongside its team.

Integrations sit at the core of Assembled. When we look for partners, we look for teams that are just as dedicated to helping support teams put their absolute best foot forward as we are. Today’s path to scaling support has more twists and turns than ever before — and not every tool is up to the task.

Support leaders have come to expect an out-of-the-box solution that’s equipped to handle a cloud-based, omnichannel enterprise organization from day one. Like Assembled, Zoom Contact Center was built for exactly that. As the first contact center to offer video chat, Zoom demonstrates its continued commitment to innovating how we work and connect in an increasingly remote world. 

Support teams that use Zoom Contact Center can finally break up with clunky legacy tools, labor-intensive spreadsheets, and headache-inducing workflows that leave them in a vulnerable, reactive state. With just one click, Zoom Contact Center users will be able to sync agent states and ticket volume into Assembled. This will give workforce managers complete visibility into the support metrics that matter most — all in one unified dashboard.

Ultimately, Assembled’s integration with Zoom Contact Center helps teams stay one step ahead of their customers with speedy scheduling, reliable forecasting, and actionable reporting data. Real-time management capabilities make intraday changes a breeze, helping teams intelligently adapt to whatever comes their way. And our open API makes it easier than ever to sync Assembled data with any business intelligence tool for greater team visibility and decision-making.

Working closely with Zoom over multiple years — first as a customer and now as a strategic partner — we’ve built a solution that’s agile enough to scale with rapidly growing teams and flex to any unique business needs. And better yet, we’ve made it intuitive enough to get teams up and running in a matter of days.

Together, Zoom and Assembled are building the support tech stack dream team — helping some of the most innovative brands create the best customer experiences. Learn how to set up the integration here.

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