October 20, 2022

Consolidate time-off requests into one platform with Workday and HiBob

Neel Kapse

Here at Assembled, integrations are a frequent topic of conversation.

If you’ve spoken with anyone at Assembled, you know how much we care about and love integrations. They’re important because they give our customers a unified view rather than forcing them to work out of disparate tools — a recipe for tab fatigue and scattered data.

We all know how saturated the support ops tool stack is, with different contact platforms for different channels, QA platforms, human resource information system (HRIS) platforms, and so on. In this fragmented experience, companies lack a single source of truth for their metrics — metrics that are oftentimes highly interrelated.

We’re on a mission to build the ultimate platform of platforms, and we have an incredibly exciting announcement. Our world-class engineering team has built the infrastructure to create HR integrations at scale. Today, we’re starting with Workday and HiBob! 🚀

After numerous conversations with our customers and partners, it was abundantly clear that having a seamless way to import time-off requests into Assembled from an HRIS platform was critical to our mission of being the single-pane-of-glass solution for modern support teams. Conversations with managers, real-time analysts, and more revealed how much of a time-suck it was entering agent information in two platforms. It especially did not make sense for teams that considered their HR system the true nucleus of employee information.

"The Workday integration has been a huge help. We no longer have to manage PTO in two places and it also makes the schedule data in Assembled more accurate, which has made occupancy and other metrics more valuable."
— Jon Helin, Head of Customer Support at Calendly

You asked and we listened👂. With the launch of our integrations, we can seamlessly sync time-off requests directly into Assembled from your HRIS platform. This will:

  • ⏱️ …directly benefit your support managers and agents by reducing what used to be a manual, two-step process into one seamless process. Instead of having agents or team leads have to submit two time-off requests — one in your HR platform and the other in Assembled — they will only have to submit one directly in your HR platform and — voila! — the approved request will automatically appear in agents’ Assembled schedules. We know that inputting info twice takes twice the amount of time, and time is money 💰.
  • ❌…minimize risk of human error when entering data in multiple systems. We all know the implications of a wrong decimal point or one less zero, as well as the cumbersome process of correcting such mistakes. Now, you only have to enter the information once.
  • 📈 …enhance data visibility, especially with a full perspective of how approved time-off requests can impact coverage, SLAs, and various other metrics that are so important to your team. This is critical for any data-driven support organization. We are looking at you, workforce managers, because you know it’s imperative to have everything in one place so you can have the most comprehensive picture of how your team works.
“Assembled's HiBob integration brings a key piece of the scheduling puzzle directly into the staffing timeline for a clear picture of agent availability right where we need it.”
— Mandy Kimm, CX Project Manager at Freddie’s Flowers

We are the platform that best embraces flexibility of work, and these integrations are the first step to unlocking numerous insights. From pushing overtime in for hourly workers in the gig economy to enhancing our shift bid capabilities, data from HR platforms will supercharge the paradigm around flexibility of work that has now become the norm. As we all know, flexible work and autonomy 💼 = happy agents 💗 = higher retention for the brands we partner with 🚀 .

And the best part? We’re just getting started. We now have the infrastructure to build more HR integrations than any other WFM platform in the world. Stay tuned!

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