May 4, 2023

One platform for all — introducing BPO & WFM integrations

Taylor Milliman

Some people view outsourcing as a dirty word, but 31% of organizations say the quality of their service improved with the thoughtful use of outsourcing. Modern BPOs like Concentrix combine tech, data-driven insights, and diverse expertise to not only reduce costs but help deliver exceptional experiences. With this approach, BPOs have become a critical lever for exceptional and efficient customer experiences across the globe.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Assembled as the first and only workforce management (WFM) platform to natively integrate with top BPOs — such as Concentrix and TaskUs — and WFM platforms such as NICE IEX and Verint. Our work arose from a basic observation: Assembled users and their BPO partners often didn’t share a single view of staffing. There should be a simple answer to the question, "How many people are in the queue next week?" But we heard this question surprisingly often.

Whether you work with a single BPO or multiple partners across regions, our platform gives your workforce and vendor management teams a single source of truth for agent schedules, staffing coverage, and more — all of which are updated automatically. At the same time, we reduce the manual toil required of BPOs, empowering them to act as partners rather than vendors. You’ll definitely know how many people are in queue — and much more.

Visibility enables planning, performance, and partnership

“Assembled’s WFM integration gives me real-time data on our BPOs’ schedules, shrinkage, adherence, and more — visibility I never had before. I can now see months ahead, gain insights to optimize our budget, and ensure maximum coverage during peak periods.
Beau Burton, Senior Vendor Relationship Manager at Robinhood

Assembled's WFM integrations automatically sync schedule data in real time, as often as every few minutes, with frequency varying by source platform. This replaces manual workflows for BPOs, such as maintaining data in separate systems, manually uploading CSV files, or onboarding into a single, self-maintained (and self-paid) WFM.

BPOs often have distinct activity codes and scheduling approaches. Our platform allows you to map those codes to event types in Assembled — enabling a single, standardized view of activities such as productive time, breaks, and offline work, regardless of which BPO an agent works for.

Our help center goes into depth on what’s needed from your BPOs’ WFM to configure the proper data export. Importantly, if you work with already-integrated BPOs like Concentrix and TaskUs, this may just be a matter of setting up a call to enable data flow.

BPOs also benefit from the reduction in manual toil and an increase in scheduling accuracy, turning them from vendors into empowered partners.

“The WFM integration has been a game-changer for our organization. It has saved our RTAs (real-time analysts) at least 10 hours weekly of manual work. It has also allowed us to easily plan schedules at least two months in advance, giving us more time to allocate headcount and resourcing.”
Marivic Bautista, WFM Supervisor at Concentrix (BPO)

One platform for all — enabling efficient, empathetic customer experience

Now, workforce managers, vendor managers, and BPOs can concentrate on what truly matters — driving growth and delivering exceptional customer experiences — while our WFM integration takes care of the rest.

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