December 16, 2021

Introducing our new integration for UJET

Niki Esfandiari

If you know Assembled, you know just how much we obsess over the integrations we build for customers. We really, really, really, reallllllllly care. It's not just because we're perfectionists or because we <3 building bridges to other products — it's because we know modern support teams need a unified view of customer demand. These same teams are mixing and matching email, phone, and chat platforms, which means important data lives in many different places. Assembled brings all of that together, all in one place. And today, we're partnering up with UJET - a company who shares our philosophy around innovation, agent empowerment, and team visibility - to extend this value to more support teams!

Through this purpose-built integration, UJET customers offering phone and/or chat support now have access to our intuitive and automated scheduling at scale, accurate forecasting capabilities, and actionable reporting, all wrapped in a delightful, easy-to-use interface. And because quality and data integrity is a top priority for us, we've worked closely with the amazing team at UJET to ensure the details are perfected, the edge cases are accounted for, and everything works as it should. This means that customers can quickly onboard in Assembled and just as quickly see their UJET data visualized in accurate, actionable ways. This includes real-time data around agent performance!

As support teams face unprecedented change, complexity, and uncertainty, companies must invest in a customer experience (CX) tech stack that brings visibility, clarity, and empowerment to cross-functional teams, regardless of where they work.  The combination of Assembled's WFM capabilities and UJET's next-generation cloud contact center platform gives support teams what they need to be at the right place and right time, every time. On top of that, UJET teams will benefit from the Assembled 'boost' — higher agent adherence, more productivity gains, and amazing time and cost savings!

Our partnership with UJET means that the world's fastest-growing, most innovative brands can more reliably provide timely and high-quality customer experience. And that's just the beginning. Onward!

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