Signed, Assembled.

We’re kind, weird, detail-obsessed, unfiltered, sometimes off-the-wall, always ambitious, and uniquely Assembled.

Working at Assembled is like being on the safest, most supportive roller coaster ever. The challenges are fun, the momentum is real, and the gratification that comes from actually helping our customers help their customers is one-of-a-kind!

Woof, woof, woof.

We’re building for and supporting the teams that are there for you when shit hits the fan. Great team, great product, and amazing customers.

Outside of work, Taylor enjoys backcountry skiing, cooking, playing the piano, and occasionally juggling on top of mountains. Previously, he built tools at Thumbtack to help professionals match with the right customers.

Michael enjoys climbing, making music, and doing crosswords. He previously was an engineer on Google’s Trips Parsing team making sure that people don’t miss their flights.

Brian led the growth team at Stripe as the company scaled from 30 to over 500 employees. Before Stripe, he helped build the Analytics team for Obama for America. He loves all things music, travel and Warriors (pre-bandwagon).

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