July 18, 2023

Act when it matters most with our enhanced real-time experience

Steph Cheng

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, real-time visibility is crucial for organizations to make agile decisions. Oftentimes, this data is scattered in multiple places, making it difficult to understand and react to trends immediately.

After conversations with hundreds of CX teams to understand their biggest pain points, we redesigned our real-time experience with two main principles: reliability and agility, giving you visibility across your in-house and outsourced teams. With instantaneous, accurate data from your contact platforms powered by seamless workflows, Assembled's new real-time experience allows support managers to easily investigate what agents are doing in real time so they can efficiently act upon those insights when it matters most.

“Assembled’s new Realtime Agent Analysis page makes it easier than ever to stay on top of agent activity, and we’re already seeing major improvements in team efficiency. We use the Agent Analysis page as a command center for all intraday operations. The new streamlined experience, especially with advanced filtering and grouping, helps us quickly pinpoint and investigate any issues that arise, enabling us to make intraday decisions in a fraction of the time it used to take.”

Kevin Rury, Senior Workforce Management Analyst, TaskRabbit

Improved efficiency for real-time analysts and team leads

This one’s for the real-time analysts (RTAs) who spend most of their workdays looking at agent adherence activity and monitoring real-time agent states. What used to feel like an endless number of clicks spent correcting an agent’s schedule after viewing the adherence timeline can now be done in seconds with Assembled.

Team leads who monitor one or more specific teams can easily group and filter at two levels on the new Realtime Agent Analysis page to only focus on agents of interest. These aggregate views save RTAs a substantial amount of time once spent manually searching for individual agents on their specific teams.

For RTAs who need to send a view to their team leads, they can now easily share a saved view in a custom URL with the exact filters, grouping, and sorting in place. A single view shared across members of the team saves confusion when troubleshooting from a single source of truth, giving teams confidence to react quickly.

Coach your agents with real-time insights

Group agents in aggregate views by any grouping you’d like — including queue, team, site, skill, and channel — and easily drill down to specifically see which agents are in or out of adherence. By clicking on an agent’s name, you’ll see a pop-up with their adherence timeline for the day, making it even faster to understand agent activity and quickly pinpoint the cause of any missed SLAs. In one-on-one meetings with members of your team, these insights will power your coaching conversations with tangible metrics and examples to empower your agents with the knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.

Accurately diagnose productivity across your BPOs

Hold your BPOs accountable for meeting SLAs and easily diagnose in real time if staffing requirements aren’t being met. Workforce managers and vendor managers can use the Realtime Agent Analysis page — with restricted access — to diagnose issues and discrepancies with absolute certainty. RTAs at your BPOs can also be granted permissioned access to view adherence for only their BPO site, ensuring the highest level of security for your CX team while strengthening the partnership with your outsourcers using one, unified view.

"Assembled's revamped Realtime Agent Analysis page has been transformative for our customer support operations. With its intuitive user interface and consolidated cross-channel visibility, our team easily gets the insights we need to confidently drive excellent customer experiences in real time. In particular, the enhanced ability to group and sort data across our lines of business has allowed us to quickly diagnose problem areas so that we can hit SLA and provide a world-class support experience.”

Megan Machado, Senior Workforce Analyst, Ipsy

Assembled is making it easier than ever for organizations to make agile decisions based on real-time insights. With improved efficiency for RTAs, enhanced workflows for team leads, visibility across your BPOs, and coaching capabilities for agents, Assembled's new real-time experience is the all-in-one solution for your CX team.

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