November 28, 2022

Building a smarter contact center with Amazon Connect and Assembled

Manav Goel
Software Engineer

We teamed up with Amazon Connect to help enterprise contact centers deliver even better customer experiences.

Tens of thousands of businesses use Amazon Connect to manage ticket volume at scale. By combining Amazon Connect’s omnichannel contact center capabilities with Assembled’s advanced support operations platform, this one-click integration helps modern support teams empower agents, optimize BPOs, and plan for long-term staffing needs.

Here’s how Amazon Connect users can benefit from the Assembled platform:

  • Scheduling at scale: Automated scheduling and PTO, keyboard shortcuts, recurring templates, and scenario testing make it easier than ever to generate schedules designed to meet SLAs. Options to let agents request schedule changes give your team members the flexibility and autonomy they deserve.
  • Forecasting: Out-of-the-box forecasting with configurations for adjustments and outliers — split out by team, site, channel, or queue — gives you ultimate staffing accuracy. With a seasonality model, granular interval-based forecasts, and API or CSV import options, you’ll always end up with the forecast that fits your team best.
  • Real-time management: Real-time agent states and adherence tracking enable critical intraday changes and agent coaching that will help your team stay on top of SLAs.
  • Reporting: Our analytics experience gives you complete visibility into team performance, productivity, and staffing accuracy, helping you make faster data-driven decisions.
  • Data access: An open API — plus CSV exports and uploads — means you’ll be able to access reliable and accurate data, whenever you need it.
  • BPO management: Our solution helps support leaders effectively manage outsourced support teams by maintaining high-quality support while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

This launch reaffirms our commitment to helping enterprise teams scale intelligently. As support teams continue to grow, sustaining efficiency in the face of rising complexity is key. Spreadsheets and outdated workforce management tools simply can’t keep up with the lightning-fast pace of today’s modern teams. By operating as a single source of truth for the entire support organization, Assembled helps contact center leaders make critical decisions when they matter most.

Right out of the box, Amazon Connect users can pull their contact center data into Assembled and start optimizing workflows and staffing almost instantly. And with Assembled’s intuitive interface, the entire team can get up and running in days rather than months.

Together, Assembled and Amazon Connect are helping support teams all over the world increase the productivity of their support operations while maintaining excellent customer interactions. Learn how to get started with the integration here.

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