September 27, 2022

Demystifying BPO management for your support team

So, you want to outsource one or more customer support functions but you’re not sure where to start. We know — it’s a lot to take in. We also know it can be helpful to hear from people have successfully lived it and learned from it. That’s why we invited Adie Fonseca, former head of project management and supplier management at Stripe, to join us for a special episode of Assembled Office Hours.

In this webinar, Adie chats with Jen Ong Vaughan, Assembled’s head of partnerships, to help us demystify BPO management for support teams.

You'll learn:

  • When it's time to start thinking about BPO selection (i.e., key inflection points in your support team’s growth)
  • An overview of the BPO landscape and key criteria for selecting a vendor that fits your support team’s needs
  • Best practices for BPO onboarding and implementation
  • How to measure ROI and which metrics to evaluate on a monthly, quarterly, and annual cadence

Video Notes

0:38 Introductions

2:00 What is a BPO and how should a support team think about it?

10:39 Risk and reward analysis when outsourcing to a BPO (security, etc.) and how to mitigate the risks

12:45 Why some companies might choose not to outsource

14:24 How to approach BPO selection

19:00 Knowing which BPOs to send an RFP to and how many to consider in the evaluation process

22:14 How to choose the right BPO once all the proposals are in

26:25 Most important things to look out for at a site visit

31:55 Different BPO billing structures (attended hours vs. productive hours + which model you should pick and why)

35:29 Tips on price negotiation

38:07 Setting your BPOs up for success in the onboarding process

46:59 How to handle a BPO that isn’t meeting performance targets

52:58 Closing remarks and how to get in contact with Adie

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