September 24, 2020

Introducing the Forecast Accuracy Report

Modern support teams know the importance of accurate forecasts. Forecast accuracy has deep implications on your team’s cost-effectiveness since forecasted volume is ultimately what staffing projections are based on. But when the team misses SLA, it’s not easy to decipher whether it was due to the forecast or a scheduling mishap or an adherence issue. Without visibility into these drivers, it’s difficult to make the correct staffing decision.

Enter the forecast accuracy report.

Assembled’s forecasts are constantly adjusting to the latest changes in your team’s circumstances. The forecast accuracy report offers you the opportunity to review how the forecast has performed for your team over a set period of time. If there are any outliers or spikes in observed volume, it provides a chance to dig into the underlying reason.

Gain visibility into how your forecast is performing

The forecast accuracy report displays your forecast (in red) alongside your actual volume data (in purple), which is updated every day. You can get a true idea of your forecast’s accuracy and see when the forecast is most accurate and when it breaks down—e.g. if an article featuring your company blows up one day and your actual volume outpaces your forecast, you’ll be able to pinpoint it.

For any period, you can see the median weekly difference and the median daily difference between your volume forecast and the actual observed volume. A 7% median weekly difference would mean that you should expect the total volume over a week to be within 7% of the forecasted volume.

Note: if you hover over the weekly or daily difference, we show you what that means in absolute ticket volume:

Customized to your team’s needs

You can customize the forecast accuracy report to meet your specific needs. You can adjust:

  • Date range - just look at last week or take a look at the entire quarter or year-to-date
  • Channel - data can be displayed in aggregate or for a specific channel of your choosing
  • Filters - additionally filter your report by queue for more granular data

The forecast accuracy report gives you an additional level of visibility into how accurate your forecast is for your team and provides an opportunity to double-click into the days when it’s not accurate to better prepare for the future. You can access it from your Dashboard under Reports > Forecast Accuracy or click here.

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