October 31, 2023

Service Cloud users can now access Assembled WFM on Salesforce AppExchange

Ryan Wang
Co-founder and CEO

We're excited to shout from the rooftops that Assembled is now live on Salesforce AppExchange, the world's leading enterprise cloud marketplace. This partnership is rooted in a shared goal: to make support teams ultra-productive and efficient so they can deliver world-class customer experiences.

Launching Assembled for Salesforce was a natural next step in our mission to offer intelligent workforce management solutions. Our platform already seamlessly integrates data from Service Cloud. Now that we’re on AppExchange, it’s even easier for Salesforce users to reap the benefits of our advanced forecasting, scheduling, and real-time capabilities. The days of manual scheduling and reactive decision-making are over; the future of smart, data-driven workforce management is here.

Sync with Salesforce in one seamless integration

You can connect Assembled to Salesforce in seconds, creating a unified and streamlined experience. This integration goes beyond mere convenience; it's the key to data-driven optimization.

Our one-click integration pulls in essential data, including ticket volume information. This allows us to analyze ticket arrival patterns, helping teams generate interval-based forecasts for optimal staffing. The integration also brings in agent states, enabling real-time monitoring and adherence tracking. With Assembled, you’ll have a comprehensive view of workforce performance, unlocking proactive decisions based on real-time data.

Orbit the omnichannel universe

In today's fast-paced business world, customer support teams juggle a mix of communication channels, from emails and phones to messaging and social media. Assembled seamlessly integrates these channels into our solution and helps teams track and measure each interaction of a ticket’s journey, whether they move between channels or between agents.

Assembled is built for this ever-changing landscape, ensuring that your team can consistently deliver exceptional service — no matter which way your customers prefer to reach out.

Bring data to the forefront

In the world of workforce management, data is king. We firmly believe in a data-first approach, where data is not just a byproduct of support operations but the foundation of success. So what does this look like?

  1. Accessibility: Data should be easily accessible and available when decision-makers need it most via dashboards, CSV exports, and API endpoints.
  2. Reliability: You should be able to trust the accuracy and consistency of your data — always.
  3. Configurability: Your workforce management solution should adapt to your unique needs and requirements, and align with your existing workflows.
  4. Actionability: Data should empower you to make informed decisions and take actionable steps to improve your workforce performance.

Our Service Cloud integration unifies data across all of your support operations, giving you a single source of truth and putting mission control in your hands.

Just call us Fort Knox

And on the subject of data, we understand just how essential it is to keep it well protected.

We've fortified Assembled with advanced security protocols that enterprise leaders have come to expect. With SAML SSO (Security Assertion Markup Language Single Sign-On) and Okta SSO, we provide a robust and seamless authentication process, safeguarding user data and ensuring only authorized users can access it. Additionally, our restricted site permissions and Salesforce auto-provisioning features add extra layers of security to protect sensitive information.

Find a true partner in workforce management

By launching on the AppExchange, we're extending our reach to Salesforce businesses of all sizes — from startups to enterprises. Whether you're a small startup that’s tired of relying on spreadsheets or a large enterprise seeking to optimize your support operations, Assembled is here for you. Our goal is to empower all Salesforce users to take control of their workforce management and deliver great customer support.

This partnership unlocks an opportunity to help more Salesforce customers manage resources, forecast demand, and optimize key performance metrics through Assembled. Together, we’re committed to providing contact centers with an end-to-end solution for every step of the customer journey.

See us in action.

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