August 16, 2022

Streamlining support with Assembled + Talkdesk

Kevin Kim

You asked for it, and we promised to deliver. Drumroll, please 🥁...

Today we’re excited to announce our newest integration with Talkdesk, designed to help customer-centric businesses optimize workforce management in their preferred contact center.

When choosing our partners, we zero in on companies that share our relentless dedication to helping organizations all around the world deliver better customer experiences. Talkdesk is a global leader and industry innovator in the contact center space, with thousands of customers using the platform every day to streamline phone support.

With this launch, support teams using Talkdesk can finally cut ties with error-prone spreadsheets and look forward to saving countless hours of manual scheduling and reporting. By pulling Talkdesk data into the Assembled platform, your team will be able to accurately predict staffing requirements based on historical data and custom adjustments. Schedules derived from these requirements can be created in a matter of seconds. Additionally, real-time reporting makes it easier than ever to ensure agents are on the right channels at the right time.

Managing distributed support teams across multiple time zones gets complicated quickly. With Assembled as your support team’s co-captain, you’re essentially getting an extra team member on board to tackle all the tedious work. We’re seeing massive shifts in how support organizations operate, and at the same time, customer expectations are rising. Having the right tech stack can empower your team to perform at its best.

This powerful integration between Talkdesk and Assembled brings visibility, transparency, and control to the entire team.

By partnering closely with the Talkdesk team, we’ve made sure our integration is as seamless and intuitive as possible. This means customers can onboard to Assembled in a matter of days and quickly sync with Talkdesk to see their data visualized immediately.

Together, Assembled’s workforce management platform and Talkdesk's contact center platform are helping some of the fastest growing companies deliver exceptional customer experiences. Learn how to set up the integration here.

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