April 3, 2024

Unveiling Assembled Assist: Where support quality, customization, and AI-powered efficiency unite

John Wang
Co-Founder and CTO

We see every day just how much is asked of support teams when it comes to making their companies’ missions real. Jump higher. Run faster. Create a dazzling customer experience as efficiently as possible. Oh, and work harder so AI doesn’t replace you. It’s no wonder why the relationship between support organizations and AI is so complicated.

The recent proliferation of AI-flavored tools, each making big promises, hasn’t helped. We’ve always believed that no one product will magically solve your problems — in fact, every Assembled product has been inspired by the belief that it all starts with optimizing people, process, and performance. We’re doubling down on that premise again today with the launch of Assembled Assist (shorthanded below as “Assist”), an agent co-pilot and issue resolution engine that improves the speed and quality of support interactions from day one.

We’re pulling together the best of all worlds with Assist, literally: the best of generative AI (like drafting an on-brand message in seconds), the best of software (like connecting the dots in an intuitive way), and most importantly, the best of humans (like curating high-quality customer experiences). Make something people want, we say.

Let’s get to the good stuff: what is Assist?

A helpful and handy co-pilot for support agents

Almost immediately, you’ll benefit from Assist suggesting answers sourced from your company’s knowledge base. It’s built right into Zendesk, so agents can stay focused and in their flow. Even tricky answers get surfaced quickly, which has dramatically reduced the number of escalations for Honeylove by over 50%. The Assembled guarantee™️: managers and subject matter experts will breathe a sigh of relief as they get time back in their day.

Unlike other products in the space, Assist is so, so much more than a supercharged Google search — it’s a proactive, reliable, always-ready helper. When an agent is ready to respond to a customer, an empathetic reply is automatically created. That reply will be in your company’s voice, based on your style guide and brand standards. That includes making sure your signature emojis are added before sign-off ✅ 🤗!

An automated issue resolution engine

Over a short amount of time, companies find that the quality and accuracy of Assist responses are so high that they can, if they choose, fully automate more than 50% of their support interactions. At this point, Assist is like another member of your team: replying to customers, automatically facilitating returns, and keeping your CSAT sky-high.

This approach ensures that your customers always have a seamless support experience, whether they’re interacting with your in-house agents, outsourced teams, or AI-driven support.

The secret sauce: what makes Assist effective?

Controlled, customizable automation

We’re offering teams an incremental approach to automation, so you’ll always remain in control of how and when it’s deployed. This means Assist can quickly introduce more automation as it gains more knowledge and confidence. This also means you’re able to direct Assist in the way you would a team member: adjusting the confidence level required before tickets be automated, turning down or up the percentage of tickets automated, or even deciding whether to pre-fill or auto-send customer responses. Future you will appreciate the flexibility and control Assist offers, especially in the face of peak volumes!

The impact for our customers is real. Assist power users at Honeylove have reported a 55% increase in productivity and even the full automation of common workflows like refunds on Shopify.

AI + WFM, hand-in-hand and coordinated

Because Assist is connected to your WFM data, all in Assembled, you’ll see staffing, SLA, and real-time agent performance in the same place that you manage your agent co-pilot and automated workflows. This allows you to create a holistic strategy for deploying support resources, whether they’re Tier 1 agents, BPOs, highly-skilled experts, or your automated chatbots. As for those of facing ROI-related pressure from leadership, this combination of insights allows you to easily measure productivity improvements relative to customer satisfaction.

Don’t just take our word for it: Thrasio reports a savings of $1.8 million after using WFM data and Assist’s AI confidence levels to perfect their strategy for automating customer replies.

Intuitive and comprehensive reporting

Managers and team leads also need full transparency and context on the workflows their agents are using with Assist, the accuracy of its replies, and the impact on the team in terms of efficiency and ticket quality. You also have visibility into auto-generated replies as well as any edits an agent makes, so you’ll be able to understand the accuracy and tangible impact of Assist-generated replies.

Response evaluation and knowledge management

Our response evaluation feature lets you see where Assist is doing great as well as identify patterns when the answer isn’t so perfect. You can drill down into a specific category of question and quickly identify answers and responses where Assist has low confidence. That allows you to identify gaps and help you improve your knowledge base, creating a virtuous cycle that improves Assist’s results. In this case, enhancements to your knowledge base = guiding Assist. Who knew it could be so easy?

Co-creating the future of support operations with our customers

With the launch of Assist, customer-obsessed companies can move seamlessly between staffing optimization, productivity improvements, and quality enhancements. More importantly, there’s no longer a need to trade-off between quality and efficiency — Assembled gives you both across in-house, outsourced, and AI-enabled agents. Say it with us: right person, right place, right time, and right answer, no matter where it’s coming from.

We’ll leave you with the words of early access users:

⭐ “The results have been wild — Assist has been great.”

⭐ “Agents are even more excited than I imagined!”

⭐ “Our Average Handle Time has been transformed.”

⭐ “The replies from Assist that I just saw were 10/10!”

⭐ “The results are impressive. The future is real!”

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