Bringing the product feedback loop to life with visibility into historical support costs

Assembled's impact
  • Assembled provides the different business units at Hopper visibility into their respective support costs. This provides insight into which product areas to improve and fix.
  • Hopper saved hours in intra-day planning using Assembled. Instead of manually updating spreadsheets and pasting information from Google Calendar, Hopper was able to create intra-day schedules directly in Assembled.

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We think about an end-to-end self-serve customer experience. Seeing how many agents are manually completing requests helps show how much we've automated and lets us ask whether this is really the best way for agents to spend their time.
Joanna Lai
Head of Customer Experience

The challenge: Gaining visibility into support costs

Last year, Hopper decided to reorganize itself into different business units, with each product being its own business unit. Before using Assembled, it was a challenge for support leaders at Hopper to say with certainty whether scheduled hours for certain queues and channels were sufficient and to know how changes throughout the day should affect resource allocation. This uncertainty made it difficult to project into the future as well.

Hopper—like many companies—used a monster spreadsheet to forecast their support needs and updated it manually each day to reflect the current support conditions. This also meant they did not keep any historical records of the schedules.

There was no way to see historical information from intra-day findings prior to Assembled.
Trevor Tarakjian
WFM analyst

Assembled provides the different business units at Hopper visibility into their respective support costs. This provides insight into which product areas to improve and fix.

Hopper's Workforce Management team took advantage of Assembled's queue mapping functionality to split out support volume by product line. Each business unit had their own target SLAs and the WFM team could optimize staffing and coverage easily using Assembled's staffing timeline.

They can then review historical information from the Schedule Analytics report and inform business leads how many agents are staffed to each product line and how many hours have been assigned for each. This enables the business leaders to understand the true cost of their product.

It's been invaluable to look at historical tasks and the hours assigned to each. It helps us understand the percentage breakdown for different business units and product lines. Regardless of any circumstances, how many hours were assigned to a given product and what's the breakdown of the total?
Joanna Lai
Head of Customer Experience

Armed with a data-backed cost analysis, the WFM analysts can show the tangible benefits of proposed product changes to both product managers and executives. With accessible and actionable historical data split up by product, Assembled enables Hopper to take an automation-first approach to support. Proposed product changes and improvements can be clearly prioritized in order of the real cost that the support team is incurring to support them.

Happily, Hopper has retired their manual spreadsheet since integrating Assembled and gained back the administrative time spent on its upkeep. Hopper's group leads use Assembled's Google Calendar integration to automatically manage their teams' calendars, including everything from meetings to breaks and scheduled shifts. This allows them to refocus their time and attention on helping their customers instead of wrangling calendar events for their team.

With the Google Calendar integration, I don't have to think about scheduling. Managers don't have to come to me to tell me to add a meeting or a break to the schedule. i used to have my calendar and a spreadsheet open every day to copy and paste events back and forth.
Jessica Mannucci
Workforce Planning Coordinator

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