builds a proprietary routing tool using Assembled’s API builds a proprietary routing tool using Assembled’s API

Assembled’s impact
  • Assembled streamlined’s scheduling experience, eliminating the need for context-switching between multiple tools.
  • used Assembled’s API to build a proprietary routing tool that connects to Zendesk and intelligently assigns tickets.
  • Using a combination of Assembled’s heat maps and its own data team’s forecasts, can better plan for long-term BPO headcount requirements.
Channels supported
Email, Chat, Phone
Support team size
Contact platform

Behind the company that makes teams more productive is a very busy support team.

Launched in 2014, is a workOS that enables organizations to easily build work management tools and software applications to fit their every need. The company is beloved by teams around the world and is known for going the extra mile for its customers. For, it’s all about creating a seamless customer and user experience — 24×7.

Melissa Mayoras, a Global Workforce Management Specialist, has witnessed’s rapid scaling journey.

She joined’s customer support group (CSG) four years ago. At the time, CSG was comprised of both customer support (CS) and customer experience (CX), with around 80 employees dedicated to client-facing support. Since then, CSG has grown to roughly 290 employees around the globe — including two BPOs in Manila and GuatemaIa — and has split CS and CX into separate teams. Melissa is now a part of the Online Strategy team, which sits within CX.

Melissa and her team are focused on the day-to-day needs of’s global support team — including spikes in volume, intra-day scheduling changes, and forecasting.

Prior to implementing Assembled,’s CX team relied on a combination of tools to manage intra-day schedules across channels (phone, email, and chat) and queues (bugs, tickets, and urgent). The team also leaned on its own product, the WorkOS, to create a single source of scheduling truth. Support and non-support events were added to Google Calendar, and last-minute schedule changes were communicated via Slack.

When Melissa and her team first started scheduling in Assembled nearly three years ago, schedules were granular to a fault — broken down into one-hour blocks dedicated to urgent tasks or bugs. This meant agents were doing a lot of context-switching without any specialization for certain task types.

Assembled takes customer relationships seriously and is committed to ensuring its users get as much value out of the platform as possible. Working alongside Melissa and her team, Assembled helped reconfigure its in-app scheduling experience. Now,’s CX team has various squads that specialize in specific conversations, and schedules are geared toward overall productive time for specific channels.

“We have grown alongside Assembled and with how we use Assembled. The Assembled team has been instrumental in helping us gain value from the platform. They aren’t just a vendor we work with but a true partner to us.”

Melissa Mayoras, Global Workforce Management Specialist,

API-enabled custom solutions

Using Assembled’s API,’s developers built a proprietary routing tool called Zendesk Round Robin (ZDRR), which connects to the team's Zendesk instance and boards.

ZDRR empowers the CX team to track different capacities (urgent, high, untouched, chats, etc.) and assign tickets to agents as they come through Zendesk.

The ZDRR tool reads for productive events, evaluating the event type and end-of-shift time so agents aren’t getting tickets 15 minutes before shift ends, during lunch, or 30 minutes before the end of their workdays. It also shuffles tickets periodically when agents go offline to ensure they don’t get lost in any individual queue.

To meet the team’s expanding needs, developers are continuously making improvements to the ZDRR tool’s functionality.’s team of CX developers works closely with the operations and CX teams to have better visibility into screen shares. Using Assembled’s Google calendar integration and Calendly, screen-share events immediately sync to schedules in Assembled.

“Assembled is a tool that we use every hour of every day. It’s very wrapped into our CX systems.”

Melissa Mayoras, Global Workforce Management Specialist,

Reliable data for actionable insights

Using Tableau and Assembled’s API,’s developers created a bubble chart with volumes broken out by the hour to upload and export data from Assembled. The data team also extracts Assembled’s data to create various headcount plans with baseline volume, as well as plans with more buffer in cases of additional absenteeism.

“I use heat maps all the time. It helps with both short-term planning for schedules and long-term headcount for hiring. We really take this and our data team's forecasting into account, which helps us know exactly where coverage is needed across the squads when hiring new waves at our BPOs.”

Melissa Mayoras, Global Workforce Management Specialist,

Partnership over everything

Ultimately, Assembled partnership-first approach to working with customers has won the hearts and minds of the team.

“The Assembled team is great about new feature requests. Assembled’s support team is incredibly responsive and we always have the help and support we need. Assembled is fantastic about listening to customers and giving outlets for customers to provide feedback. It's so helpful to see what other folks in the community have asked for, and it’s rewarding to see these requests come to fruition. It's truly something special!”

Melissa Mayoras, Global Workforce Management Specialist,

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