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Better, faster responses for customers

Guide agents to perfect replies and manage your backlog with Assembled Assist, now available for early access.

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Assist is an agent co-pilot that writes empathetic and accurate customer replies

Draft a response
As an agent views a ticket, Assist will have an automatically drafted reply waiting.
Refine and send
Agents can refine the draft reply or ask clarifying questions before sending.
When Assist’s confidence is high enough on a ticket, we can automatically send a reply.
Our best-in-class integrations plug into your existing workflows and automate the most time-consuming steps
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Transform support performance, and elevate overall customer experience

increase in solves per hour
decrease in first response time
increase in positive CSAT replies
fewer escalations

Turn your support agents into a competitive edge

Boost existing agent workflows with the power of AI
Agents use Assist directly within your help desk. AI macros and embedded knowledge search make it quick to get started and easy to provide great support.
Control quality with actionable reporting and insights
Our evaluation and feedback tools allow you to train Assist to be accurate, high quality, and on-brand. Reporting pinpoints any gaps in Assist's knowledge.
Slash backlog buildup and prevent SLA breaches
Configure rules and deploy Assist to auto-send customer replies, eliminating manual work for agents and reducing overall ticket backlog.
Enterprise-grade security protocols

Rest assured that sensitive information is protected and anonymized, and we’ll never use your data to train our generalized models. You can expect the same advanced security from workforce management in our AI tool.

Partnership every step of the way

From white-glove onboarding, to dedicated account management, to responsive support along the way, Assembled is here to make your support team even better.

Developed in partnership with industry-leading advisors from OpenAI and Anthropic

"It’s now a matter of when, not if, every support team will invest in AI. Working with the Assembled team has been an exciting opportunity to build the next generation of AI solutions for support."
Yaniv Markovski
Advisor, Assembled
Fmr Head of Support Engineering, OpenAI
Honeylove sees a 54% increase in productivity with Assembled Assist

Within the first 5 months of using Assist, Honeylove was able to reduce ticket escalations drastically. This led to a more productive team, resulting in a 20% decrease in first response time and an 18% increase in good CSAT responses from customers.

We knew we’d selected the best partner when the Assembled team could answer questions about gaping cups and uniboob.
Samara Bekkering
Customer Experience Supervisor, Honeylove
It's incredible how fast the replies are. The team is used to waiting 20 minutes for answers to escalated questions. Now the team gets a response from Assist in seconds.
Jake Alster
Sr. Manager Customer Happiness, Patreon

See how AI can transform your support operations

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