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Ensure BPO efficiency and maintain quality without compromise

Managing BPOs to efficiency and productivity outcomes just got easier with Assembled’s purpose-built vendor management solution.

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Assembled is a great fit for rapidly-changing organizations. It provides us with a powerful global view of net staffing that helps us balance our network of globally distributed sites.
Teague o., fmr head of wfm, Stripe

Forecast vendor staffing needs with precision

Plan for short and long-term needs for each of your BPOs with Assembled’s forecasting models or by uploading your own via API, CSV, or through purpose-built integrations.

  • Out-of-the-box forecast models
  • Forecast upload via API, CSV, SFTP integration
  • Vendor allocation requirements

Align on vendor commitments upfront

Plan out commitments without exchanging endless emails. Once you’ve got headcount commitments, simply upload them and have vendors modify or confirm requirements from right within Assembled.

  • Streamlined workflow for vendors to modify or confirm staffing requirements
  • Lock in commitments from each BPO vendor
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Schedule outsourced agents without the hassle

Assembled’s flexible scheduling experience makes it easy for you or your vendors to quickly create multi-channel schedules for any size of team.

  • Easily bring in vendor-created schedules through CSV upload or integrations
  • Build schedules using templates, keyboard shortcuts, and automations
  • Enable vendors to create their own schedules in Assembled

Turn your BPO operations into a well-oiled machine

Ensure you’re only paying vendors for productive hours, hold teams accountable to service agreements, quickly get to the root cause of missed SLAs, and compare vendor performance side by side using our BPO-specific reporting experience.

  • BPO scorecard to compare vendors side-by-side
  • Adherence reporting to help you identify coaching or reassignment opportunities
  • Escalation rates across all teams and queues
  • First call response rates
  • Compare vendor commitments vs what was billed
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Monitor and manage vendor performance in realtime

Assembled takes vendor performance out of a black box, helps you make critical intraday changes to ensure everyone is meeting SLAs.

  • SLA monitoring across vendors, teams, and queues
  • Realtime agent states with a view of open tickets
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling for quick adjustments
Customize vendor permissions

Role-based permissions ensure that vendors and teams always have the correct level of access to get the job done without disruptions to existing workflows.

Supplement your BPO strategy with professional services

Whether you’re thinking about outsourcing, onboarding a vendor for the first time, or looking to expand the vendors you already work with, our professional services are designed to ensure your success.

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