See what’s happening across your in-house and outsourced teams

Assembled for Vendor Management is the first and only solution to provide visibility into scheduling, billing, and performance for your entire BPO network.

Stop trying to make spreadsheets work.

There’s got to be a better way to hold your vendor network accountable, right?

As companies look for ways to cut costs and expand their customer support availability, many are turning to outsourcing. But disparate systems, manual workflows, and a lack of shared visibility make it difficult for in-house and outsourced teams to feel like they’re on the same page.

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59% of companies work with a BPO
BPO spend will exceed $500 billion over the next 10 years
31% of organizations say the quality of their service improved with thoughtful use of BPO
Integrate with the WFM platforms your BPOs use
Assembled’s WFM integration gives me real-time data on our BPOs’ schedules, shrinkage, adherence, and more — visibility I never had before. I can now see months ahead, gain insights to optimize our budget, and ensure maximum coverage during peak periods.
Beau Burton
Senior Vendor Relationship Manager
Assembled’s Vendor Management solution has been a game-changer for our organization. It has saved our real-time analysts at least 10 hours weekly of manual work. BPO Planner has also allowed us to easily plan schedules at least two months in advance, giving us more time to allocate headcount and resourcing.
Marivic Bautista
WFM Supervisor

See what real vendor accountability looks like

(no spreadsheets required)