May 26, 2021

Get a head start in Assembled with our latest onboarding updates

Taylor Milliman

As users of other tools, we know that the first week you spend in a product is real important. Like realllllllly, really important. It's when you're still deciding on the kind of relationship you want to have with this product - if you like it, hate it, and/or can see the value you're going to get from it. More to the point: those first days of onboarding help you decide if you actually want to use the product in the long-run.

Today's launch takes this insight to heart, addressing some of the foundational onboarding experiences within Assembled to deliver the ease our customers (yes, you!) deserve.

The highlights:

  • One-click importing of users + relevant data (email, role, platform ID) from your contact platform into Assembled
  • Easy and flexible agent state mapping so you can get right into what you came for: the Realtime dashboard!
  • Streamlined queue creation and mapping, so you can easily categorize the types of work your agents are doing, and refine your forecasts

Go from 0 to scheduling with one-click importing

Say goodbye to manual, tedious agent data entry!  We've never been more excited to launch auto-importing, which allows you to pick and choose the users (agents, non-staffable teammates, etc) to pull into Assembled.

This also includes a much, much simpler view of everyone on your team, both staffable and not, in one place - the People page! For customers that need to manage granular permissions or filter your team for a specific view, it's not easier than ever to do. But that's 👏 not 👏 all! We've also made it just as easy to add or edit channel, teams, and queue data to everyone on your team, all in bulk!

We've also added support for a new Basic role, which allows for users in this category (example: third-party vendors) to see only their schedule and account settings.

Get more clarity on what your teams are doing, and where

Ask any support manager about what question they need answered, and it's usually:

Is my team where they need to be, at the time they need to be there?

In a world where support teams are doing more than handling tickets, our customers need more detailed views of adherence and conformance so they can more accurately answer this all-important question. It's why we launched enhanced mapping for agent states, which gives you the ability to map any event type (Lunch, 1:1, Training, Phone, etc) or event category (productive events, Time off, etc) to the agent states set in your specific contact platform.

For customers onboarding in Assembled, this simple mapping gives them the inputs they need for an accurate, centralized picture of what your team is doing. It's also why the Realtime Dashboard is the most visited screen on Assembled!

Cue queue mapping*

(*we had to do it)

Last but not least, we've streamlined queue creation and mapping. Now, we pull in data directly from your contact platform so you can organize queues however you'd like, all without digging for group IDs, ticket tags, or other inputs. This means it's easier than ever to get the right data into Assembled, all while trusting that it correctly maps to your contact platform.  This is one of the most important steps to generating better, more granular forecasts, and ultimately hitting your SLAs more consistently.

Getting our customers into Assembled as quickly as possible is just part of the story. The real magic happens when they're able to focus on other things while Assembled takes care of the rest.

See us in action.

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