May 27, 2020

Streamlined scheduling for teams

Lynn Cuthriell

Assembled’s team scheduling capability allows support leaders to ensure that their teams are fully staffed with up-to-date schedules with ease. Companies like Umbraco have used Assembled to reduce time spent scheduling by 83% so the team can refocus its time on the company's core business and customer support.

From recommended schedules based on the latest forecasts to calendar integrations and updates, Assembled takes the guesswork out of creating the right schedule for your support team.

We’re excited to share a few updates to the team scheduling interface, which has been streamlined to save you time on the routine tasks teams perform every day. Whether you’re scheduling an entire team across timezones, modifying a single agent’s schedule, or adding in a last-minute event, these new features make the process even more intuitive.

Drag-creation of events

Creating new events one after another has often involved a series of clicks that could test the muscle memory of even the best manager’s mouse. You can now click directly on your team's schedule to create new events for team members and drag it to the appropriate length of time:

Event durations and start times will also now show up directly on event blocks for an at-a-glance understanding of your team’s day (Enable through Advanced Menu > "Show event times").

Default event types

In conjunction with drag-creation, selecting a default event type allows you to create events one after another without the need to type or click repeatedly. For example, if you’re scheduling event blocks for a chat team and select ‘Chat’ as the default event type, each event created will be automatically created as a ‘Chat’ event, without the need to submit each one individually. When you’re ready to switch to scheduling ‘Phone’ blocks, simply switch the event type to ‘Phone’. With a default event type set, the event creation box will not even pop up (if needed, you can always access it by clicking on the event block itself).

Copy and paste

Finally, copy and paste functionality has been upgraded to allow for additional flexibility and customizability. Assembled supports a variety of time-saving approaches—whether you want to copy an entire row to duplicate an agent’s schedule, copy just a day’s events for the future, or copy multiple events in a row without copying the entire day. These events can be pasted as a single row, preserving the original times or precisely where you need them for a different agent, shifting the times accordingly.

Together, these updates provide a smooth and improved scheduling process for teams of all sizes. Assembled continues to empower modern support teams to operate at their most efficient by saving you time on the tasks you perform every day.

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